American prisoner who got rid of lethal injection with the support of celebrities

U.S.A.American prisoner who got rid of lethal injection with...

File photo of Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, who issued an executive order Thursday commuting the death sentence of inmate Julius Jones to life imprisonment. EFE / Chris Kleponis / Pool (Chris Kleponis / Pool Chris Kleponis / Pool /)

WASHINGTON, Nov 18 (EFE) — His name may have become another figure in United States death penalty records, but this Thursday, Julius Jones, a black prisoner accused of murder, was not executed in Oklahoma and his state. . In the extreme, the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.
The measure comes after a feat that attracted celebrities and thousands – 6.5 million signatories to the Change.org platform, among others – who supported his petition for clemency.
Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt issued an executive order on Thursday converting the death penalty to life imprisonment, though he vetoed the possibility of giving him parole or granting him any other pardons or benefits.
Who is Julius Jones?
Jones, now 41, was arrested at age 19 for shooting and killing businessman Paul Howell during the theft of a vehicle in Edmond, a town near Oklahoma City, on July 28, 1999.
The young man, who received a scholarship from the University of Oklahoma at the time, was charged and sentenced to the death penalty, which had eluded him to the death penalty for more than two decades.
Jones’ case gained notoriety in the United States thanks to “The Last Defense”, a series aired by the ABC network that sought to expose loopholes in American justice and produced actress Viola Davis.
Over the course of three chapters, released in July 2018, the story of Jones is told, who has asserted his innocence over the years.
query process
“Justice for Julius” became a cause for adoption by family members and activists, who have questioned the process against Jones.
What they stand out, among others, is the petition for clemency and the objections described by his defense on the Change.org platform, that there are eyewitnesses who state that Jones was at his parents’ home, that is, “miles away.” place at the time of murder.
In addition, they indicate that another defendant for the murder, Christopher Jordan, reportedly “admitted to be involved in the crime” and is now free after spending fifteen years in prison.
Jordan’s lawyer, Billy Bock, told ABC News that his client says his role was that of an “accomplice” to Jones and that he has denied confessing his alleged crime to “anyone.”
One of the allegations by those who supported Jones is that at least one member of the jury was “racially prejudiced” and that his defense attorneys were “inexperienced, overworked” and “under-resourced”.
Kim Kardashian, Alida
One of the voices that has been raised in Jones’ favor is that of Kim Kardashian, who mentioned her case on her Twitter account.
In the past, Kardashian has expressed her concern about this man’s condition to millions of her followers, and has even encouraged him to intervene with the Oklahoma Board of Pardons and Paroles and that state‘s governor.
The celebrity wrote on the social network this Thursday, “I am very grateful to everyone who used their voice and helped save Julius’s life today. Thanks to the parole board and Governor Stitt.”
In addition, Kim Kardashian has criticized the “cold machinery of the death penalty in the United States” on Twitter.
What does the victim’s family say?
On the contrary, the opinion given by the victim’s family regarding the matter has been said to be wrong.
“They want people to believe that Julius Jones is completely innocent, there is an enormous amount of evidence against him,” Rachel, the daughter of the slain businessman, told CNN television.
The woman also asked the Oklahoma Board of Pardons and Paroles to make a “fair and impartial decision,” although this instance eventually led to the Oklahoma governor on November 1 recommending that he pardon Jones.
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