Amla and honey: This mixture is a natural remedy for people suffering from gas and acidity. Taking it daily has many health benefits. Amazing health benefits of amla and honey jam

HealthAmla and honey: This mixture is a natural remedy...

Amla and Honey

Amla and Honey: Adults have told us that there are many health benefits of eating amaranth in this season. However, if this amaranth is mixed with honey, then both together will provide more nutrients to the body. Today honey, amaranth jam .. preparation .. let’s know about the health benefits of eating it daily ..

How to make Honey Amla Jam:

First of all take stone amphibians and clean them and dry them in shade. Then take a glass bottle and fill honey in it until it is half full. Now take the washed and dried amaranth by making a small incision and put it in the honey. Put a lid on the glass bottle so that it does not get wet and keep it aside. Leave it like this for a few days.. Usirikayatene will become jam. Taking one guava with honey a day is very good for health.

Health Facilities:

1. By eating honey and amaranth in the same way, the waste of the liver will come out.. The functioning of the liver will become even better. Liver problem goes away. Works as a good medicine especially for people suffering from jaundice. Liver is healthy.
2. This jam removes the problem of menstruation in women. Menstruation becomes regular.
3. This mixture of amoxicillin and honey increases sexual energy in men, enhances sperm quality and improves chances of having children.
4. If this mixture is taken regularly, it prevents wrinkles on the skin. The skin becomes shiny. Reduces scars and wrinkles.
5. People who suffer from asthma in this season are not able to breathe properly. This mixture is a good medicine for such people. Consuming honey and amla daily provides relief from asthma. There is less difficulty in breathing.
6. Digestion decreases in winter. Whatever is eaten with it is not digested properly. However, eating this honey and amla jam will increase the digestive power. The food eaten gets digested. This mixture acts as a good medicine especially for those people who are suffering from the problem of gas and acidity.
7. Hunger increases in those who are not hungry.
8. It also relieves from problems like constipation and piles.
9 Regular consumption of this mixture purifies the blood. Prevents from heart disease.
Hair problem can be avoided by taking a mixture of 10 honey and amla. Hair is thick and strong.
11. For people who are overweight, taking this mixture will help them to lose weight. There will be fatigue and constant tiredness after weight loss.
12. Honey has natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-biotic properties. This mixture is effective against viruses and bacteria. It will naturally prevent problems like cold, cough and sore throat which we may face in winters.

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