Amp. – USA. – An accidental shot temporarily paralyzes Atlanta International Airport (USA)

U.S.A.Amp. - USA. - An accidental shot temporarily paralyzes...

Three people injured in chaos after accidental discharge of weapon

Madrid, 20 (Europa Press)

Hartsfield International Airport in the North American state of Atlanta temporarily paralyzed its takeoff operations this Saturday after an accidental shotgun shot triggered panic in one of its terminals.

Today (Spanish Peninsular Time) at around 1:30 pm, a weapon was accidentally dropped at the airport’s security control area. There is no active shooter at the airport. Police are on the scene,” officials told you. Airport on Twitter account.

As announced by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), at least three people have been injured in the chaos that followed the casualty leave, although their injuries are not serious.

Authorities have identified the passenger who accidentally took off the gun during a security check and then fled as 42-year-old Kenny Wells.

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Wells is now under search and arrest, Atlanta Police Major Reginald Moorman announced during a press conference.

Within minutes of the incident, officials requested a ground stop of all outbound flights, as confirmed by CNN sources from the Federal Aviation Administration.

A few hours later, officials allowed activities to resume and the airport resumed normal operations, as reported by Atlanta Airport on its Twitter account.

The TSA verified 4,650 firearms identities at United States airport control points during the first 10 months of the year, compared with 4,432 weapons identities during the first 10 months of the year, a number that is already exceeds the record set in 2019.

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