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An African-American woman in Los Angeles was injured after the front windows of several luxury cars were broken with bricks

los angelesOn March 28 (Thursday), several cars were vandalized one after the other in Venice and West Los Angeles.AfricanWoman broke glass of many luxury cars including Porsche Cayenne with bricksTeslaHe used to wait for an expensive car and drive away with the car immediately after committing the crime. Police are currently reviewing surveillance footage to determine the identity of the woman, and are calling witnesses to provide clues to help solve the case.

Audio and video source: ABC7 TV station, reporter Zhang Tingyu/post-production

The series of acts of vandalism were first witnessed on Venice Boulevard, when the woman exited a new white Volkswagen Atlas and drove straight towards a Porsche Cayenne parked on the side of the road. Throwing bricks, then picking up the bricks appears to be ready for use again. Later that day, similar incidents of vandalism occurred on Camden Avenue and La Grange Avenue in West Los Angeles, where the same woman dressed in similar clothing smashed the windshields of several Tesla cars. He removed the windshield and took the crime instruments.

Victim Katerina Mayer expressed her anger and shock. He believes that street parking should be safe and not have to worry about sudden and crazy attacks. After the incident, the woman picked up the bricks and left the spot. The mayor speculated that this was not the first time he had carried out such an attack. They also speculated that the suspect was targeting luxury cars, but not just anyone. specific model. George Frame, head of car repair company Exclusive Motors, believes that the woman’s behavior is very dangerous and that she may have mental illness; If he does not have a mental illness, he should be held responsible for his actions.

Police currently do not know the woman’s motive for committing the crime and do not rule out that other cars will also be damaged in the future. They call on anyone with information to contact police immediately to prevent incidents like this from happening again. Ensure community safety.

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