An alliance blitzed Starbucks. At Amazon, it’s a Slog.

About six weeks after a successful union vote at two Buffalo-area Starbucks locations in December, workers have filed papers calling for union elections at at least 20 other Starbucks locations across the country.

By contrast, since the Amazon union won a vote at a large warehouse in Staten Island last month, only another Amazon factory worker has applied for union election — an obscure union, one with a tortuous history. The union – then quickly withdrew their petition.

The discrepancy may come as a surprise to those who thought the organization at Amazon might follow the explosive pattern witnessed at Starbucks, where workers at more than 250 stores have applied for election, and unions account for the vast majority of voting locations. got the upper hand.

Christian Smalls, president of the independent Amazon union, told NPR shortly after the win that his team had heard from workers at 50 other Amazon facilities, adding: “Like the Starbucks movement, We want to spread like wildfire across the country.”


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