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Analogue, a retro game hardware maker that developed “Nt Mini,” “Super Nt,” and “Mega Sg,” will ship the long-awaited handheld game console “Analogue Pocket” on December 13, US time. The handheld game console is compatible with Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cassettes, but has been postponed due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus and supply constraints. According to the company, all pre-order items will ship on December 13th and will be delivered between December 14th and December 30th.

The analog pocket is equipped with a 3.5-inch liquid crystal display with a resolution of 1600 x 1440 and a total display density of 615 PPI. It seems to provide a great retro gaming experience. In addition to the “Game Boy” series, it also supports cassettes for “Game Gear,” “Neo Geo Pocket Color,” and “Atari Lynx.” In addition, it has a built-in digital audio workstation “Nanoloop” and has both synthesizer and sequencer functions, so it is possible to make music.

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In addition to hardware design, another major technical achievement that Analogue has achieved is the development of FPGA chips. This allows the corresponding game cartridge to operate natively as intended. In short, it offers a high-quality gaming experience for those who want to enjoy the game purely, and a screen mode for hardcore gamers to recreate the experience with the original hardware.

In addition, the $ 199.99 Analogue Pocket is also compatible with accessories such as the Analogue Dock, which not only allows you to output 1080p video to your connected TV, but also up to 4 wired or wireless. You can also connect two 8BitDo controllers to enjoy local multiplayer. The built-in battery and USB-C charging allow up to 10 hours of gameplay.

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