Analysis of Chen Rizun’s arrest: a blow to the China-Vatican bishops appointment agreement

Catholichong kongThe diocese’s honorary bishop, Cardinal Chen Rijun, was detained by police on suspicion of violating the National Security Act. Scholars analyze that the cardinal has a high status in the Holy See, and that Chen Rizun was born in Shanghai, China, an event that dealt a definite blow to the continuation of the Sino-Vatican bishops’ appointment agreement.

Five trustees of the “612 Humanitarian Aid Fund” were recently arrested by Hong Kong police on suspicion of “conspiracy in collusion with foreign forces or foreign forces to endanger national security”, including Cardinal Chen Rizun , who was born in Shanghai, China. This 90-year-old incident shook the world.

The Vatican later issued a statement saying that “the Holy See is concerned and is monitoring the situation closely after learning of the arrest of Cardinal Chen Rizun.”

The outside world is concerned whether Chen Rijun’s arrest will affect Sino-Vatican relations and continue the “Provisional Agreement on the Appointment of Bishops” between China and the Vatican, which expired in September this year.

In 2018, China and the Vatican signed the “Provisional Agreement on the Appointment of Bishops”,PopeMake a final decision on the appointment of Chinese bishops and establish a formal dialogue between the two sides. The agreement was renewed for two years in October 2020.

Chen Rijun, who has always been a strong critic of the agreement, said in an interview with the media that he did not understand how the Pope would allow “bad things”.CCPIt is to use the Vatican to dismantle the underground church, and the agreement is to pave the way for the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the Vatican.

Taiwan has always been concerned about the development of Sino-Vatican relations, and Chen Rizun also said that if China and the Vatican formally establish diplomatic relations, “it would be a great scandal for the people of Taiwan.”

Chen Jialuo, associate professor at Hong Kong Baptist University’s Department of Politics and International Relations, said in a televised interview with the Central News Agency today that Chen Rizun has always been from China, and the cardinal enjoys a high status in the Holy See. , second only to the Pope, and has the right to elect the Pope; With the current regime leveling serious charges against Chen Rizun and even banning him from leaving the country, the Pope cannot entirely view Chen Rizun’s arrest as an independent event.

They believe that there will be different voices in the Holy See on this event, including a strong and vigilant vigil against the Holy See. In China-Vatican relations, these developments related to human rights and justice should not be ignored, which will cause a certain setback for the Sino-Vatican negotiations on the renewal of the agreement, and also have a certain negative impact. ,

Chen Jialuo said the incident would be a “thorn” in Sino-Vatican relations, and it is currently impossible for relations between the two sides to proceed. But whether it will lead to a continuation of the agreement, he believes the Holy See still has many factors to consider.

Chen Jialuo also said that on the one hand, Beijing would continue to discuss a deal with the Vatican to renew the contract, and on the other hand, by arresting Chen Rizun, warns the Vatican that the Vatican is controlling some people. Those who challenge the regime and cannot violate the CCP’s red line. The sin of religion”.

He pointed out that the communist regime has repeatedly repressed, placed under house arrest and even killed religious leaders in history. For example, after the Soviet communist regime occupied Eastern Europe after World War II, it led to political prosecutions against religious leaders with significant iconoclasm. importance and credibility, and created white terror in society. The Church and common believers felt threatened by the regime.

Chen Jialuo emphasized that the most important thing is how the Holy See will judge and comment on the event, and how to look at the essence of the event, which will directly affect relations between China and the Vatican.

He said this is the first time that a religious leader has been arrested in Hong Kong, and also cited Hong Kong’s rapid mainlandisation.

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