Angelo Fukuy’s wife is quite affectionate with Jonathan Rojasso

U.S.A.Angelo Fukuy's wife is quite affectionate with Jonathan Rojasso

Angelo Fukuy’s wife kissed Jonathan Rojas on the cheek on more than one occasion. (Photo: Instagram)

Are they very friends? The program Amor y Fuego revealed some images in which you can see the now wife of Angelo Fukuy, wendy dior, very close to the singer Jonathan Rojasso, According to the schedule, the above video was recorded on the same day the singer and the girl of Jona Libre got married.

Although there were 7 bachelorette parties in Cambiambaro, none of them attracted more attention than the affectionate gesture that his wife made to one of her companions, celebrating their union.

,i love them! i love them!shouted Jonathan Rojas as he recorded the couple with his cell phone. However, from one moment to the next, Wendy Dyer begins to give him several kisses on Majilla, attracting the attention of the cumbia singer’s followers.

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This action by Angelo Fukuy’s wife surprised the drivers of Amor y Fuego, who were almost speechless upon seeing the scene, pointing out that they are best friends, although he clarified that they would not do anything like that.

,He must have been a friend of her soul since childhood, has a special attachment to her… unconditional friendship“Gigi Mater said.”your wedding day? Is that how they greet each other? … well, they will be very friends … like brothers“Rodrigo Gonzalez added.

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