Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Another member of the Johnny Sky group “LAN” is a father. After 10 years of low-key dating, they have achieved positive results

A member of Johnny’s troupe “Lan” has become a father. Ai Ye Yaki, 39, and Sakurai Sho, 40, announced their marriage at the same time last year on September 28, and the latest issue of the Japanese magazine “Women’s Own” reported that Ai Ye Yaki was the first to become a father. , and he was very much looking forward to it, and Ai Ye Yaki is also the second member of Kazuya Ninomiya to become the “Arashi” father.

According to the “Women’s Own” report, Ai Ye Yaqi and his wife have been dating each other for ten years and have hardly made any public appearances. It is reported that he is from Kansai. The two mostly date at home, very low key, and both move there in July this yearairytravel, isgo sightseeingCustomer witness Ye Yazi was very worried about his wife and used to support his waist while walking up the stairs, fearing that she might fall.

Regarding the fact that Ai Ye Yaji became a father, Johnny’s office also confirmed that “pregnancy is a fact.” Currently, “Arashi” has only Tomo Ono and Jun Matsumoto left, and Jun Matsumoto is diagnosed yesterday. wentcoronavirus disease,


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