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Ant department personnel replaced Ni Jingjun as director of Alipay

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Alibaba andant groupkarmic changes, ant-relatedAlipayThe legal representative and chairman of (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. will be changed from Jing Jiandong to Ni Jingjun. According to people familiar with the matter, Alipay has submitted a change application to the Department of Industry and Commerce and it has been successfully approved.


Jimian News reported that Ni Jingjun, named “Miao Renfeng”, joined Alibaba Group in 2003 and is a core member of Alipay’s founding team. He is the Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Ant Group.

In the past, Ni Xingjun is also the developer of the early version of Alipay. He has worked as a programmer, product architect, industry product technical leader and Alipay Executive Deputy Monitor. They have participated in the planning of different generations of Alipay’s technology. Architecture, Fast Payment, Alipay Wallet, Offline Payment. Implementation and implementation of several key business strategies such as payments.

After high-pressure supervision and reform, Alibaba and Ant Group, which are currently seeking a return, have continued to issue signs of business separation recently.

Alibaba’s fiscal year report, released on July 26, shows that the number of partners controlling Alibaba has been greatly reduced.

Alibaba’s board of directors chairman Zhang Yong said in a letter to shareholders that a number of changes have been made to the organizational structure and other changes, and an operational responsibility system has been tried under multiple governance structures. Alibaba is currently a conglomerate driven by multiple business engines, so the business needs to be more independent. To deal with the changes in the market, the organization must also be more agile and flexible.

According to public information, Alipay was founded in 2004 and is subject to the Alipay Payment License. It is registered in Shanghai, and its technical developers account for over 50%.

In terms of business, the company opens up payment technology to merchants and provides acquisition services. Currently, it serves 80 million merchants and 1 billion consumers.

The first Alipay Internet section (Alipay .)Application)’s main company, Alipay (Hangzhou) Information Technology Co., Ltd., has also replaced its directors, supervisors and senior management, and Alipay App chief Li Xuan has become general manager.

On July 21, Alipay held the “2022 Alipay Partner Conference”, which demonstrated the digital self-operating model of Alipay merchants for the first time. Alipay” business model is also gradually emerging.



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