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anti inflation chinese festival shopping carefully budget

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black FridayFor many, this means the start of the holiday shopping season with discounts. Every year around Thanksgiving, retailers will entice consumers with the best prices. While the tradition of festive shopping remains, many Chinese approach Black Friday with rationality in the face of inflation and a potential economic downturn. Holiday shopping, everyone has their own ideas.

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Ms. Zhao, who follows fashion, loves shopping, and the year-end shopping season makes her feel very excited and satisfied every year. Ms. Zhao said that the new crownEpidemicSince the outbreak, she hasn’t had a good time shopping for two years. Although she also does online shopping, she doesn’t go shopping well. She plans to go shopping this year and buy more clothes and cosmetics for herself.

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Miss Chen likes to study. She found that the discounts in this year’s shopping season were higher than in previous years, with some useful items expected to be bought at great discounts. Now that prices are rising, it would be great if wages could rise again.

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Mr. Jiang, who plans to get married next year, said that although inflation is very strong now, it is mainly because the prices of food, gasoline and services are rising rapidly, and the prices of home appliances are below the basic level. are relatively stable. He plans to use the year-end shopping season to buy a variety of home appliances, including televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and vacuum cleaners.

Mr Ma is a marathon enthusiast. He said that each shopping season, he would buy enough running shoes for a year, and if the price was low, he would buy a few more pairs. Apart from shoes, he also buys some sportswear, training equipment and nutritional products, and this year is no exception.

stay at homeBrooklyn(Brooklyn) Ben Senhee’s Lee couple is a middle-class family. During the year-end shopping season in past years, the wife usually buys electronic products such as laptops and iPads for the children as gifts, and some clothes for herself and her husband. Mr. Li is easy-going and likes all kinds of tools, so every shopping season, he will take advantage of discounts to buy some of his favorite tools. But looking at this year’s shopping plan, Mr. Li said it was similar to previous years. He originally wanted to buy a snow plow, but after thinking about it, he decided to forget it.

Black Friday shopping Chinese residents have their own plans. (Reuters)

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