Antokha MS lost the rights to his songs and stage nickname

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Popular Russian hip-hop artist Anton Kuznetsov, better known by the pseudonym Antokha MS, lost the rights to his songs and stage name due to the termination of his contract with producer Eduard Shumeyko. He told about it in the Instagram.

According to the artist, Shumeiko stopped performing his duties: he did not organize concerts and took away the main part of his income.

“In 2018, I signed the documents and in an instant questioned my rights to the results of all my work. Now I had to take a loan and pay three million rubles to protect myself at least from encroachment on already created songs. (…) Nobody will return old songs to me, they didn’t agree. I look positively into the future – the contract is terminated, I make music and breathe freely, “the rapper explained.

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The celebrity advised his fans and colleagues to carefully study any contracts before signing them, so as not to “become hostage to documents and people who skillfully use it.”

It is known that Antokha MS lost the right to at least 50 tracks. Eduard Shumeiko has not yet commented on the situation.

In October, former Leningrad soloist Alice Vox spoke of harassment within the band. She said that the leader of the group Sergei Shnurov “destroyed” her with his influence.


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