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Apple delays plans for employees to return to offices three days a week

Apple has delayed plans to require employees to return to offices three days a week because of a resurgence in the number of new crown cases.Reuters

AppleApple Inc (AAPL.O) is delaying a plan to return to the office three days a week, originally scheduled to take effect next week, citing a resurgence in coronavirus cases as part of the company’s efforts to return to normal. Another blow struck.

According to a memo seen by Bloomberg, Apple informed employees on Tuesday that it “temporarily” delayed the request, which was to take effect on May 23, but did not give a new date.

Many Apple employees are taking issue with the company’s policy of returning to the office on a fixed three-day basis on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, arguing that the hours used for work can hinder productivity. He also complained that the return-to-office scheme overlooked the lack of vaccines for young children. Apple employees have returned to the office two days a week since April under the Hybrid Work Pilot Program, a requirement that hasn’t changed.

In addition, Apple told employees on Tuesday that wearing in public areas should resume.facial mask– At least in the Silicon Valley office. About 100 US stores will also require employees to wear masks again. Apple dropped the requirement in March after the number of new cases dropped.

In other tech companies, Google employees return to the office three days a week, but some have the option of working remotely indefinitely. Microsoft allows employees to customize the hybrid work model, subject to supervisor approval. Retail giant Amazon lets employees decide where they work.

This issue has become a matter of discussion. A survey of 32,000 people by the ADP Research Institute found that 64 percent of workers would consider leaving their jobs because of a request to return to the office, The Washington Post reported.

Washington PostNoting that Apple also acknowledges the appeal of being out of the office: A month before the company launched its hybrid work pilot, it released a roughly nine-minute ad asking a group of employees to quit their jobs and join Apple. Starting new ventures using products and software was illustrated. , , “Escaped from the clutches of the evil boss”, refused to return to the office.

Office occupancy in 10 of the nation’s top business centers, including Washington, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, returned to its pandemic-era 43.4 percent last week, according to data tracked by Kastel Systems.

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