Apple ranking in Uruguay: Top 10 of the 10 most popular podcasts Today Monday, November 22

U.S.A.Apple ranking in Uruguay: Top 10 of the 10...

Nothing is more boring than that endless podcast search on your platform streaming the favorite.

it is clear to him Apple, because it contains a list of Latest trends in their productions, There they are arranged according to the preferences of the users in real time. Whether at home, at work or on the go, stay abreast of the latest happenings in the world.

1. love is a crime

It is one of the wildest scandals in Hollywood history: in 1951, prominent Hollywood producer Walter Wenger (Jon Hamm) went to prison for shooting an agent he suspected was Wenger’s actress wife Joan Bennett (Jon Hamm). Zooey Deschanel). When the dust settled, Wanger was accepted back into Hollywood’s inner circle with open arms, while a Puritan panic nearly ended Bennett’s career in films and his family would never be the same. How Joan—the youngest member of one of America‘s most famous acting families, and one of the leading ladies of 1940s film noir—ends up.

2. shell podcast

A space for women to communicate. #Conchapodcast @oujima @ladalia and @laupassa . is a free and self-managed podcast by

3. in perspective

Professional and independent journalism led by Emiliano Cotello and Romina Andrioli. En Perspectiva is a journalistic program with a history of 35 years that today is broadcast on Radiomundo 1170 AM and digital platforms.

4. The Financial Neuron: Personal Finance and Investing

Let’s talk about money, talk about investing but from a personal finance perspective, with people at the center, not money. A podcast that seeks to help stop suffering from physical stress.

5. retribution of the past

All programs in “Revenge Will Be Terrible” by Alejandro Dolina in mp3.

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6. National Geographic History Curiosities

Rome, Egypt, Greece… Get to know some of the most interesting moments in history through our entertaining podcast, in which we relate some curious historical episodes.

7. pocket philosophy

Podcast for adults and students of all ages to learn philosophy anywhere. With analysis and tools for reading philosophical texts from Plato to the present.

8. anything goes with emma chamberlain

Emma has a lot on her mind. Good thing he has a podcast to talk about. Appropriately named, virtually anything plays on this podcast. Thoughts, conversations and advice on topics of dealing with relationships and failure, to the trials and tribulations of being a cat mom, and funny stories with friends we can all relate to. It’s raw, intimate, and nothing is off limits (seriously, anything goes). It can be serious, it will be mostly funny, and it will always be amusing. New episodes every Thursday.

9. psychedelic intelligence

In this psychedelic portal Yanina Thomsini tells us what she has learned about life through the use of sacred plants and multidimensional experiences.

10. mix

Mix in the pandemic. Leo Lagos (Science Editor) together with Marina Santini and Bruno Scalza share qualified information on the current state of the Covid-19 pandemic. Mixing Team in Pandemic: Drive and Production: Leo Lagos, Marina Santini and Bruno Scalza Version: A Production of Joaquín Fernández Daily Podcast https://podcasts.ladiaria.com.uy

Apple wins the hearts of its listeners with the best offers. What subjects will be given priority by the people of Uruguay in the future? What will be the next figure that will become the reference?

Stay tuned for answers.

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