Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Apple wants to issue $5.5 billion in debt, buy Treasury shares, pay $23 billion in dividends, and subscribe

according to the sources,AppleIt was decided to release in four batches on Monday.deeply concernedA total of US$5.5 billion, the membership attracted over US$23 billion in funding to participate.

The longest tenure is a 40-year bond.yieldThis was 118 basis points higher than the US Treasury, down from the 150 basis points discussed earlier.

“Apple continues to issue bonds and borrows tens of billions of dollars a year because of its confidence in expanding cash flow compared to operating needs,” said Bloomberg analyst Robert Schiffman.

The proceeds from the bond issuance will be used for general corporate purposes, including the purchase of Treasury shares and the payment of dividends.

In December, credit rating agency Moody’s upgraded Apple’s long-term credit rating to AAA, leaving Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson the only U.S. companies with top ratings in the S&P 500. incorporated as a company.


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