Approving a company in Beijing requires the Home Office to take screenshots every five minutes to report back to Chinese official media

A company in Beijing requiring employees to install software that takes screenshots every 5 minutes while working from home has led to criticism from official media and legal circles. The picture shows an Internet cafe in Beijing. (The Associated Press)

BeijingThe city’s Chaoyang district recently announced a home office, but some media reported that a company required employees to install home computer monitoring software, and automatically send back screenshots every 5 minutes, allowing There is huge approval by the media.

“Red Star News”, a subsidiary of Chengdu Media Group, reported that Suntec, an online vocational education company, required all employees in Beijing’s Chaoyang district to work from home, and had the above-mentioned rules on monitoring and feedback. It even mentioned that those taking less than 89 screenshots per day were considered absentee. In response, Suntech pointed out that in response to the government’s directives on employees working from home, the company has ensured employees’ work efficiency. measures have been taken to do so.EpidemicDuring the period, the emergency management methodology of work from home, and “with the informed consent of employees”, employees will install software to work on their own. During working hours, the software will randomly check the working status of the employee.

Red Star News criticized that, as a modern enterprise, a common goal to overcome difficulties together, instead of strictly monitoring and punching in exchange for internal fighting spirit to disperse people’s hearts. Must gather common fighting spirit with.

In addition, “Banuetan” of Xinhua news agency commented that corporate managers should maintain basic trust and full respect for employees, the epidemic is cruel, and people should be affectionate, “after all, whether it is offline work or home”. Office, inhuman coercion means there are never optimal solutions for stable and long-term enterprise management.”

According to “labour contract law”, employers make rules and regulations that directly affect the vital interests of workers, such as working hours and labor discipline, Beijing News quoted Zhao Hu as, a partner at the Beijing Zhongwen Law Firm. Or when it comes to major matters, it should be discussed in the Workers’ Congress or all workers, put forward plans and ideas and negotiated on an equal footing with the trade union or worker representatives. He stressed that the company’s system of capturing faces and recording attendance should also be negotiated with trade union and worker representatives. Attendance systems may become invalid without democratic and promotional processes, and workers may claim that it cannot be used as a basis for a company’s employment management.

At present, the unreasonable requirements of local governments and private enterprises on prevention and control measures have been gradually noticed by the official media and legal circles. Previously, the mandatory disinfection of homes in Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places has caused constitutional scholar Tong Zhiwei to criticize that there is no legal basis.Under the People’s Daily Overseas bannerWeChatThe public account “Xia Ke Dao” criticized “No matter how big things are, they have to be broken into small things. If small things can’t be done well, how can people believe that big things can be achieved.” Huh?”

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