‘Arcolombia’ is already on air, the first series dedicated to talking about the country’s archeology

U.S.A.'Arcolombia' is already on air, the first series dedicated...

Archaeological fragments of the Zenu culture were found at Montes de Maria, Bolivar. Credits: ANI, MinTransporte

The murals, thousand-year-old constructions and elements that give an account of the country’s history, are the protagonists of ‘Arcolombia’, the first audio-visual series on archeology in Colombia. The production is already broadcast on regional public channels and, according to its creators, it seeks to rebuild memory and elevate the cultures of the national region.

“At Arcolombia we reconstruct the historical memory of Colombia, presenting the elements, places and cultures that inhabited the country, joining hands with archaeologists and professionals who work for Colombian heritage, while we Journey through its most beautiful and enigmatic corners of complex national geography. With a special look from the perspective of our filmmakers, we explore and reconstruct the imaginations of our ancestral peoples,” said series director Sebastian Cardona .

The series was recorded in various parts of the country between October and November 2020 in the middle of the pandemic, at the end of the mandatory quarantine imposed last year to avoid contagion by Covid-19. It is clear that the project was recorded with the resources of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications (MinTIC) Open Chamber 2020 Call. It was attended by over 580 projects, of which CALL selected only 15 in the documentary series category, of which ‘Archaeolombia’ benefited.

The directors of the chain assured that the incentive received by each project was less than the total cost of the project, however, the group was encouraged to do so.

“This incentive sought to provide resources for a little less than 189 million for the production of the series and requested a minimum of three chapters. We incur additional costs because of our fundamental interest in reinforcing history and culture, and the fourth And we want to put issues of heritage and identity in the public discussion,” Cardona said.

The full list of chapters is:

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– The mural of our history is recorded in the Archaeological Park of Facatativá.

– The Secret Archaeological Museum, established by the guerrillas, is recorded in La Cristalina.

– Entered in Santa María Antigua del Derain, the cradle of the era of the global economy.

– History of the Muisca culture, recorded in the Zaquencipa Valley.

Cardona assures that the ‘Arc Ilombia’ is responsible for the origins, fantasies and relations of the ancient people in the local context. The series allows geo-referencing the social and cultural contexts of ancient settlements of different regions, which, according to its directors, generate historical, social and cultural value.

In addition, it takes into account the aesthetics of the archaeological value of the remains found and briefly explains the processes of converting the elements into heritage after they have been discovered. In the end, all developments in research come to light and the science prevalent in the country is highlighted.

It should be remembered that Project 170, an audio-series narrating the untold story of the era of slavery, voiced by experts, was also released recently. The project is promoted by the Ministry of Culture (Mineculture), which maintains that it will help publicize the circumstances and events that determined the slave trade, a chapter in the country considered one of the most notorious in the history of the West. is branded in .

The idea is that this strategy contributes to closing social gaps, changing imaginations, and erasing stereotypes. At the same time, it aims to highlight the contributions and historical milestones that represent and make visible the struggles, actions and contributions of the Black, Afro-Colombian, Raizales and Palanqueras communities in building the country.

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