Aren’t you afraid of Putin?German finance minister: in favor of rebuilding Ukraine with Russian assets

Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted a video conference in Sochi on the 11th. (European news agency)

according to ReutersGermanyDer Spiegel reported that German Finance Minister Lindner said he was in favor of the use of confiscatedRussiaproperty, financingUkrainereconstruction

According to an exclusive interview published by Der Spiegel on 13th, Lindner said: “My sense of justice is in favor of the use of Russian state property.” However, he also said that the legal basis for doing so still needs to be clarified.

“In terms of private property, that would be an illegal appropriation, which is very difficult in our constitutional country,” Lindner said.

G-7 finance ministers are expected to meet in Germany next week to discuss funding for Ukraine’s reconstruction.

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