Areslie Arambula reveals shocking reason for not appearing in Luis Miguel, series

U.S.A.Areslie Arambula reveals shocking reason for not appearing in...

Aracely Arámbula insisted that from the start she had asked not to be represented in the project (IG: aracelyarambula/lmxlm)

Streaming platform Netflix premiered the third and final season on October 28 Luis Miguel, series, a project that told the whole life of “El Sol” from his childhood to the present, no matter how many difficult moments the singer lived.

However, fans of this production questioned Why didn’t her partner, Arseli Arambula, appear from 2005 to 2009? With whom they fathered two children: Miguel, born on 1 January 2007, and Daniel, born on 18 December 2008.

About a month after the premiere, the singer and actress revealed the real reason why she decided not to appear on the series. According to the statements sent by the program Today, assured that It was she, from the very beginning, who decided not to represent, contradicting the words of Luismi, who would have asked the producers not to cast him in the project.

They later mentioned that their love story together was “amazing”, but If she had appeared in the series, they certainly wouldn’t have portrayed her as she actually happened., because they would only want to keep the best parts of it.

The actress denied the existence of a confidentiality contract with Luis Miguel (Photo: Instagram / @aracelyarambula)
The actress denied the existence of a confidentiality contract with Luis Miguel (Photo: Instagram / @aracelyarambula)

“I made this decision because for a long time I had been telling his people (Luis Miguel), his lawyer that please don’t go take our story because i knew they were going to take your life, Our story is an incredibly wonderful story, but they weren’t going to tell it that way because they didn’t live it,” he said.

This possible distortion of their love story was not liked by “La Chule”, because “El Sol” had “a lot of things to show” in his life, moreover. Telling it would be the author, a situation that troubled her because neither she nor her former partner has told it.,

Because of this, he preferred to keep it “secret”, as only former partners and very close people know him, so he chose to keep it that way.

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“Some of the writers at this production house were going to tell it. If I don’t tell them that story or they don’t tell them, it won’t be the same story and they’ll touch what they knew halfway, But no one knows because they are beautiful things that we and the people very close to us experience, but those people were not the ones to tell about it. I think it doesn’t match. What I asked them is they don’t take that part out because it’s the gorgeous partVery valuable to me, to him. So that he took his own life, he had a lot of things to show,” explained Arambulla.

Arturo Carmona explains why his relationship with Arcelli Arambula ended (Photo: SPECIAL)
Arturo Carmona explains why his relationship with Arcelli Arambula ended (Photo: SPECIAL)

Finally, rejected the existence version of an alleged confidentiality contract signed with Luis Miguel, which prevented him from having other romantic partners and talking about his life, and assured that it was only a myth created by the people and the media.

“That contract doesn’t exist. I have no contract for anything. Nothing, it’s a myth, it’s bullshit; I have no contract with me. I’m a free man to speak whatever I want.” I am,” said La Chule.

It was added to the words of the statement arturo carmona and the supposed secret romance he had with Arseli Arambul Because of the alleged sanctions of Luis Miguel. They realized the issue despite constant criticism and trouble, which was not the reason why they ended their relationship.

According to Carmona’s statements in Fernando Lozano’s program, The actress allowed Luis Miguel to live in the house she shared with Arturo when the “Sun of Mexico” went to visit their children.

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