Argentina is the most expensive country to buy technology, according to a ranking

U.S.A.Argentina is the most expensive country to buy technology,...

The study compared the prices of the most popular products in 50 countries, such as iPhones, PlayStation 5.

Argentina, along with Venezuela, is one of the countries with the highest inflation in the region and in the world. Prices in the country increased by more than 52% in the past year – according to the Index – , and as a result the government is implementing various tools to keep prices up, though with little success. At the same time, the dollar has already exceeded $200 in its free quotes and makes many of the economy‘s prices more expensive, such as imported products, which also have restrictions on entering the country. in that framework, a report prepared by Grover.com found that Argentina is the most expensive place to buy technology.

After a year of global shortages and supply chain problems, study compared prices The most popular products, such as iPhones, PlayStation 5 and video cards, in physical and virtual stores in 50 countries.

Average, Argentina is the most expensive country to purchase electronic products, with an overall deviation of 67.34 percent from the average cost of common electronic products.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong offers the cheapest electronics, with average costs down 16.46%, followed by the US and Indonesia.

Nigeria appears behind Argentina, while the podium is completed by Brazil. They continue to be in the “top ten” of the most expensive countries to buy technology. Colombia, Iceland, Belarus, Chile, Greece, South Africa, Turkey And Peru, appear back and forth Egypt, Netherlands, Ireland And finally, Norway,

“We started by looking at countries well-known for making electronics – or homes of major electronics brands – as well as countries where electronics are ubiquitous. We then selected 50 countries for an in-depth analysis based on their import tariffs and whether they changed currency. has experienced ups and downs,” Grover said.

File image of an iPhone 13 mobile at an Apple Store in Beijing, China.  September 24, 2021.  Reuters / Carlos Garcia Rollins
File image of an iPhone 13 mobile at an Apple Store in Beijing, China. September 24, 2021. Reuters / Carlos Garcia Rollins

Argentina has the highest price in euros of almost all the products evaluated in the report. In the case of the Sony Playstation 5, the console costs €1,558 in the physical store, while the price jumps to €1,645 when purchased online.

Talking about Brazil, the third most expensive country to buy electronic products, the online price of Playstation 5 is 1,017 euros, 38% cheaper than in Argentina.

Meanwhile, in Apple‘s Iphone 12 – according to Grover.com– costs 2,248 euros in Argentina, while the price in Brazil is 1,376 euros, 38% cheaper.

If compared to Chile, the difference in prices is even greater. The iPhone 12 costs 1,009 Euros in the Trans-Andean country, giving it a 55% cheaper price in that region.

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At the other end is Hong Kong, where the iPhone 12 is priced at 708 euros, which equates to a difference of 68% compared to Argentina’s price.

In the case of the Apple Watch Series 6, the price in Argentina is 625 euros, compared to 772 in Brazil and 466 in Chile.

While the Apple Airpods headphones cost 269 euros in Argentina, 279 euros in Brazil and 195 euros in Chile.

To capture the market as a whole, the report took the cost of electronic products in both online stores and physical stores. In cases where a model was not available in some countries, they calculated the deviation from the median.

“While the long-term effects of the pandemic are still unclear, this study sheds light on how the consumer electronics industry has responded,” he said. Giacomo del Vedov, Vice President of Grover International & Growth.

He said: “Access to technology is already an important aspect of modern life and the availability and affordability of electronics around the world can prove critical to the future development of any country. Although the purpose of this study is to draw attention to the present moment, the challenges of supply chain and inflation are relevant now and will remain relevant for years to come.,

In another order, he remarked that the very high price volatility in the case of video cards: “This trend is related to the boom in the cryptocurrency industry and a significant increase in demand for silicon chips due to the effects of the pandemic”.

Technology and electronics have become an important aspect of not only business innovation, but of our personal lives as well,” the report highlights.

“For many of us, smartphones and computers allow us to stay connected to the world around us; with friends, family and loved ones. This study sheds light on the impact of the pandemic in different countries that are becoming a digital one. are in the best position to stay connected in the scenario”, he concluded.

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