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Argentina Youth Team – San Lorenzo: Everything until the age of 9!Cyclone finally celebrates thanks to latest reinforcement Andres von Bega

The results were unexpected. Painfully, in the final minutes of the game, San Lorenzo found himself smiling in a 1-0 victory over Argentina.on a dreamy afternoon Andres Vonberg, This led to his team’s victory on the first ball, which he touched in the colours of azulgranas. Rubén Insua and his team achieved a major victory. For La Paternal, there is little in the fight to climb to the top of the Pro League. Gabriel Milito’s side had a slight edge in the game despite their lack of fairness to define them, with the Azulgranas having the clearest chance. He celebrated the goal of an Argentine striker of Slovenian descent.

It will remain in the memory of Vomburger’s ideal premiere. this center 27 years He was born in Villa Luzuriaga, played a game for the Slovenian national team (where his grandparents were born) and took to the pitch in Argentina for the first time today. Although he took a step down the line, his Argentine career was spent in promotions. It starts in Ituzingo, passes through Phoenix, and then reaches the Los Andes Mountains. Abroad, he played for Olympia (Slovenia), Ufa (Russia) and San Luis (Mexico). “It’s all unbelievable, I barely got off the plane and they let me in the first few minutes. I’m so happy. He could be an opportunist on target”the scorer of the game said.

The match between Argentina youth team and San LorenzoLuciano Gonzalez – FotoBAIRES

Unlike what happens throughout the cycle, Insuya is more conservative about this complex crossover. He did not publicly provide details of the team or plans, which are usually under his command. There are also doubts in the air whether Sebastian Torrico will win the title.will continue Augusto Batala will return under three sticks, and in the end, it was the East River goalie who jumped on the field. also, Gonzalo Maronic It premiered right from the start.

Without Agustin Gia, who travelled with the U20s to the La Alcudia Championship in Spain, Ciclon revived another of his youth. After training and leaving Tulares to move to Europe, Nicholas Fernandez Marcus Return title. Barca coach admits he had talks with left-handed batsman, so the footballer quit and asked him to remember that again, wondering what would happen. It should be remembered that the leaders rejected the proposal of Hoffenheim, Germany, as insufficient.

Argentina is known to be a team with aggressive football propositions, attitudes and judgments that take part in them. At home, when he had a chance to climb to the top of the list, he began to think of a hero. Triangulation, looking for connections. But, of course, the image of the team has its risks.within the first few minutes San Lorenzo also found a void and brought threats from Ezquel Cerutti and Adam Barreiro.,

Rubén Insua coached Andres Vomberger, who entered and defined San Lorenzo's game.
Rubén Insua coached Andres Vomberger, who entered and defined San Lorenzo’s game.San Lorenzo Press

Argentina, now without Fausto Villa, He tried other methods, but didn’t quite believe in initiative. Milito’s team is advancing, but it’s nowhere close to getting their opponents into serious trouble. Despite having the ball, he struggled to find a way around the commitment. It’s never been the same since the first minute. It shows in the last 20 meters with a little pepper and depth. And San Lorenzo, well-ordered and rigid as a wall, was not unarmed in defense.

With the two canceling each other out, there was little clear scoring position. In short, the visitors mourned Barrero Paraguay’s shot from near the right post. Another move was Ceruti getting close to scoring in the small area. Very little, very little.

The match between Argentina youth team and San LorenzoThe match between Argentina youth team and San Lorenzo
The match between Argentina youth team and San LorenzoLuciano Gonzalez – FotoBAIRES

Argentine sneaky part 1 Milito made three substitutions at the start of the second half. He tried to go deeper with some positional moves and he went in David Salazari (20 years), Matthias Garaza (20) you Jose Maria Herrera (17), All products are from the seedbeds of La Anancestral. A far cry from their best version, the team was very precise with the ball and didn’t find the space to attack.

At the age of 11, San Lorenzo was in danger again. In a play by Maroney that begins with a hand, Ceruti took the ball and Berrero touched it over Federico Lanzilotta, but Lucas Villarba reached out and hit the ball close to the goal line. Azulgran attacks softly, but fast. When Iván Leguizamón entered Barrero, they were looking for more momentum.

The Diego Armando Maradona Stadium is full of uncertainty. El Bicho, always with his aggressive image, brought people closer and took opponents’ territory, systematically failed when he should have been injured. In the epilogue, there is Vonberg who pushed the center of Regisamon into a trap.

Vomburger – strong and good in the air – is an opportunity that Argentina could only dream of. So football players who attend Slovenian schools here say it very well. He also admitted that he learned it before Spanish. Football opened a door for him again. They started celebrating San Lorenzo.

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