Around 35,000 people protest in Brussels against restrictions due to pandemic

WorldAround 35,000 people protest in Brussels against restrictions due...

According to police estimates, around 35,000 people have marched through the streets of Brussels this Sunday in a concentration to protest measures against the coronavirus.which has ended with sporadic confrontations and a still unconfirmed number of detainees.

According to the Belgian news agency, some groups of demonstrators have broken windows of police vehicles and put up barricades in the city, forcing security forces. Use water cannon and tear gas,

“Performance breach. After the events, We will proceed to arrest the rioters From now on “Brussels Police announced this Sunday on their Twitter account in the middle of the afternoon.” The situation “according to security forces” has returned to normal and traffic has been reopened in the city.

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The new rules, which went into effect later this week, Include mandatory use of a mask for anyone over the age of 10 In indoor activities and some outdoor activities. In the same way, they oblige to work at home four days a week and limit the number of people present at meetings.

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“We condemn the restrictive measures of freedom that have not constituted a structural solution for health services,” lamented the organizers of the protest in a statement collected by the ‘Politico’ news portal. submerged country In a new spike in infections And about 15,000 new influencers are registered daily. Nearly 1.6 million people have tested positive since the start of the crisis and the death toll stands at around 26,500.

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