Arturo Herrera: The voices that assure he will not be governor of the Bank of Mexico are on the rise

U.S.A.Arturo Herrera: The voices that assure he will not...

Photo: Reuters / Luisa Gonzalez / Archive

few months ago, arturo herrera left the finance secretary under the promise of the president that he would be proposed Governor of the Bank of Mexico, instead of Alejandro Diaz de Leonwho will step down on December 31.

Although Andres Manuel López Obrador applied and sent his proposal to the Senate As for the approval of the Republic (July 13), some columnists in various media indicate that Arturo Herrera’s appointment was quietly withdrawn from Senate committees.,

Journalists such as Carlos Lorette de Mola and Samuel García reported that Herrera Gutierrez’s appointment was withheld with the argument to “add to file”., but now – according to both communicators – the nomination of the former Secretary of the Treasury will be withdrawn.

“(…) Herrera’s appointment for three months was pushed back to committees, to the extent that during the current regular session in the Senate, The appointment sent by the executive has neither been rotated nor resolved in the plenary session“Loret de Mola points out in his column that he writes universal,

Arturo Herrera and the still governor of the Bank of Mexico, Alejandro Diaz de Leon Carrillo.  (Photo: Reuters / Luisa Gonzalez / Archive)
Arturo Herrera and the still governor of the Bank of Mexico, Alejandro Diaz de Leon Carrillo. (Photo: Reuters / Luisa Gonzalez / Archive)

,There are 39 days left for the current governor Diaz de León’s term to end, and the president does not light up, Today in the economic circles of the country The version goes that López Obrador changed his mind and would no longer nominate Arturo Herreras., who was his second secretary of the Treasury”, highlighted the Yucatecan-born communicator.

Even Carlos Laureate questioned: “Has the President repented? What could it have to do with Herrera not wanting to be its executing branch to milk money from the central bank in an unorthodox and even illegal way? López Obrador has made it publicly clear that he wants to get his hands on international reserves And spend them on your government programs. There are bad signs that hopefully will be resolved soon”, he concluded.

For his part, Samuel Garcia stood out Location public area, He The Presidency and the Finance Ministry will already be working out communication strategies to reassure the markets,

Although Bank of Mexico Law Points out that the governor’s office lasts six years, Alejandro Diaz de León would have held the position for four years, as he relieved Augustin Carstens, who left the Central Bank to join the International Settlement Bank.

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Photo: Reuters / Gustavo Graf Maldonado / Archive
Photo: Reuters / Gustavo Graf Maldonado / Archive

it should be remembered that Arturo Herrera was appointed Secretary of the Treasury on July 19, 2019after the sudden resignation of Carlos Urzua Happened on the same day. Until that day, Herrera served as under-secretary of the same agency, so his appointment as chief was well regarded by experts.

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“I look forward to a great responsibility. Our country is a country with great things, shortcomings and contradictions. We must, from the Ministry of Finance, work in the area of ​​inequalities,” Herrera said.

In his resignation letter, Carlos Urza explained: “There were many discrepancies in economic matters. because some of them Public policy decisions in this administration are made without adequate support, i believe that All economic policy must be based on evidence, taking into account its various influences and free from all extremism, whether from the right or the left. However, during my tenure, the convicts did not get a resonance”, he pointed out.

Photo: Presidency of Mexico via Reuters/Archive
Photo: Presidency of Mexico via Reuters/Archive

As secretary, Arturo Herrera received many criticisms from the opposition for the government‘s austerity and, later, for acting in economic affairs to cope with the effects of the pandemic. COVID-19,

And it is that according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Mexico has allocated only 0.7% of GDP to combat economic catastrophe, the most significant in the entire US.

The opposition also questioned Herrera Gutierrez for his inaction to block a proposal that risked Banxico’s autonomy by forcing him to buy dollars in cash from remittances that private banks could not repatriate. In the end, the proposal was unsuccessful.

Arturo Herrera stepped down as Secretary of the Treasury on July 15, 2021. He was appointed in his place. Rogelio Ramirez de la O,

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