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Asian-American voters are more independent and tend to support the Democratic Party, down 19 percentage points, but not on the right

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With the midterm elections over, exit polls released by Edison Research showed:Asianincluding, minorities are stillDemocratsAlthough support for key ticket positions has declined, it is far from the original expectation and that will change.RepublicanThe level of “red wave”.

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Political news network Politico reported that exit polls showed Asian and Pacific Islanders (AAPI), once staunch supporters of the Democratic Party, slackened with a 19 percent drop in Asian support for the Democratic Party compared to the 2018 midterm elections. It started falling , Compared to the 2020 presidential election congressional re-election, a decrease of 4 percentage points.

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But this does not mean that Asians are turning to the Republican Party. Asia-Pacific data (AAPI data) reported in July this year that over the past four years, the proportion of independent voters among Asians has risen to 35% Has gone; Asian people have become increasingly important among voters. However, it has also become more independent and influential, and both parties will have to be more prudent in drawing votes.

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Many Asian Americans support the Republican Party because of its anti-communist stance, but the confrontation in California‘s 45th Congressional District has sparked discussions; Jay Chen, a Chinese Democrat in the district, said that Korean Republican Michelle Park Steele) “speech needed to be translated to be understood by others”, Park Yinzhu replied that Chen Jiffei was “the perfect candidate for Communist China.” ” Huh.

Christine Chen, executive director of the Asian Pacific American Voting Alliance (APIAVote), said campaigning with a more polarizing attack strategy is “disturbing” and voters want more information such as political opinions, values, etc., rather than paying for it. information. The cue follows the lesson of the attack.

Chen Difang also said that the Democratic Party can no longer take Asian-American votes as before. “The Republican Party has become more active in investing resources in campaigning, and Asian-Americans have become more independent.” to deal with the situation.

As for African-Americans, they are still the most supportive of the Democratic Party. Compared to the 2018 midterm election, his support for the Democratic Party is only 4 percentage points lower, and only 1 percentage point lower than in the 2020 election; In Georgia, although Republican Brian Kemp was successfully re-elected, 90% of African-American voters support Democratic opponent Stacey Abrams.

Terrence Woodbury, chief executive of the research organization HIT Strategies, said that the Democratic Party has strengthened its minority base, and that young voters have voted actively, but that his initial decision is that the Democratic Party has lost minority votes over the years. I have lost blood. , , currently it is only “stop the bleeding”, not “return the blood” yet.

Some Asians support the Republican Party for being anti-communist. Park Eun-joo (right), a Korean-American Republican in California’s 45th Congressional District, refers to Chinese-American Democrat Chen Jifei (left) as “the CCP’s candidate”. (The Associated Press)

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