Ask the IRA: Has PJ Tucker surpassed what Jae Crowder has to offer the Heat in 2020?

Q: PJ Tucker looks and plays like someone squashed PJ Brown about 6 inches and 6 inches wide. Heck, they even have the same name. Like Jae Crowder’s importance in our 2020 NBA Finals, so can Brown say, uh, I mean Tucker. -Joey, Plantation.

A: Actually, you made an interesting argument about the more appropriate and better contributors between Jae Crowder and PJ Tucker. Over the past three seasons, the Heat have selected a veteran at the power forward position. In the 2019-20 season, it was Crowder. Last season, Trevor Ariza. This season, Tucker. Now, you might have to give Crowder the upper hand as he helps the Heat advance within two wins of the 2020 championship. But such runways, and more, still exist for Tucker. Crowder is more of an offensive threat, while Tucker is more of a two-way presence. Ironically, Tucker will face a similar question to Crowder: Can the Heat keep him? Tucker opted out this summer. Or just come out of the pool of available veteran power forwards?

Q: We looked dead at the rim compared to other teams. Why don’t the Heat fans eat white noodles like the Philadelphia fans, while the opposing team is making free throws? – Amparo, Delray Beach.

A: One of the reasons I didn’t put this question in the first place is that I’m not sure if it’s prudent to use a title like this: Should Heat fans wave their white noodles? I’ll do it.

Q: Ella, please tell me why the NBA community is so hesitant to praise the Miami Heat for their better-than-expected performance so far this year? As a Miami fan, it’s frustrating to be constantly looking for something that never comes from the media and the rest of the NBA family. It’s like they never forgave the Heat’s Big Three for angering so many people in 2010. – Brent, Wellington.

Answer: No. What the state media is looking for is a storyline. And aside from Jimmy Butler’s sideline blowout in March, the Heat haven’t had much to offer this season. Those who focus on basketball will appreciate what has been achieved and what can still be achieved. Those who focus on porn and juicy know that it’s almost always better to turn to NYC and LA in these situations.


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