Ask the IRA: Will the Bucks or Celtics be the preferred Heat opponents in the Eastern Conference finals?

Q: Ella, who is more suitable for the Heat, Bucks and Celtics? – Del.

A: Going into the playoffs, of course after the first round, I would say the Celtics. But they certainly showed some level of flaws in the series against the Bucks, including now having to win in Milwaukee on Friday and then return to Boston on Sunday (if they survive). So it might not even happen anyway. In the Bucks, though, they looked terrific against the Celtics and are expected to return Khris Middleton in the next round, though we don’t know to what extent. Given that Milwaukee only needs to win one of its next two games, it seems like it’s the Bucks regardless of the Heat’s preference. Then again, based on what the Bucks did when they swept the Heat in the first round last year, based on what Jimmy Butler did in the first round, and the Bucks’ refusal to pay PJ Tucker to keep him, there’s going to be a Milwaukee hit. Great power.

Q: Can’t wait to get Kyle Lowry back. The extra days will definitely help. – University Teachers.

A: First, let’s not forget what Gabe Vincent has accomplished as a backup starter. He deserves the credit he deserves. Even with the extra time, Kyle Lowry’s hamstring remains an unknown until we see a different result. Remember, the last time Kyle left after his first hamstring injury, he still wasn’t right when he came back two weeks later. This time, the rest period is eight days. So we have to wait and see.

Q: They shut everyone up. Joel Embiid. James Harden. Ben Simmons. Total embarrassment. – Nate.

A: First, let’s not lump Joel Embiid into one category. He recovered from a concussion, wore a face mask to protect his broken face and had a thumb splint due to a torn ligament. You can see why he’s one of Jimmy Butler’s favorite teammates. And, well, Ben Simmons was traded from the Sixers midseason. As for James Harden, it will be very, very, very interesting to see how the Sixers deal with giving him even an extra dollar.


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