At least 27 migrants going to Britain die in ship

WorldAt least 27 migrants going to Britain die in...

  • Officials are looking for survivors and do not rule out finding more dead

at least 27 Overseas crossing the english channel United Kingdom have died in a shipwreck near this Wednesday costa of calis (Northern France), as reported by the French authorities. Security forces are searching for survivors and do not rule out the possibility of finding more deceased,

At present, the details of the accident have not been revealed nor the nationality of the victims has been disclosed, but the investigation process has started. The shipwreck occurred at a time of full migration crisis in the Calais region and its surrounding region, which was reactivated after the peaks of 2015 and 2016. In the first 10 months of this year they tried to cross the Canal de la A total of 24,655 people took off by sea to reach the United Kingdom, when in 2020 the total was 9,551. Prime Minister of France, Jean Castex, He described what happened as a “tragedy”. “I direct my thoughts to the many missing and injured, victims of criminal trafficking who exploit Disappointment and the misery of immigrants,” he wrote on his Twitter profile. Interior Minister Gerald Darmin has traveled to Calais.

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The recent increase in this flow of migrants, many Afghanistan, Bangladesh or Eritrea, For example, this led to the end of the last week of a network dedicated to smuggling immigrants across the English Channel, resulting in the arrest of 15 people. On the other hand, in a decision that reflected migrant tensions between the two borders, Decathlon, a chain of sporting equipment founded, withdrew recreational boats from sale in several stores in northern France in order to obtain them for use by migrants. to be prevented from being done. UK.

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guess that some 2,000 people, Among them, at least 300 unaccompanied children have been living in and around the Calais camps since mid-2021, according to humanitarian organizations. Several hundred more, including several families with children, are in the Grande-Synthe woods next to the town of Dunkirk.

Exactly a month earlier, in early October, the Human Rights Watch organization condemned the circumstances in which these migrants find themselves at the French border with the United Kingdom and the humiliating treatment meted out to them by French agents. “When the police arrive, we have five minutes to leave the tent before destroying everything. It is not possible for five people, including children, to be ready in the tent in five minutes,” the NGO reflects in its report. . Kurdish woman‘s statement

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