At least 75 migrants killed in one of the worst ships of the year in Libya

WorldAt least 75 migrants killed in one of the...

  • The boat was hired by gangs off the west coast of Libya and sank last Wednesday

  • NGO ship Sea Watch 4 awaits authorization to dock 193 people aboard the ship were rescued

At least 75 migrants killed as an unregulated boat capsizes chartered by mafias on the west coast The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said today that with Libya they intended to cross the Mediterranean Sea and reach the shores of Europe.

The tragedy, one of the most serious this year on the so-called Central Mediterranean migration route, occurred on Wednesday in front of the city of Zawara, According to the account of 15 survivors Those who were rescued from a fishing boat and returned to the city near the Libyan border.

The sunken pot was one of three known they went out on tuesday night Of the beaches that stretch between Zawara and Zawiya, the bases of various Libyan mafias, who have allied with others in the region, profit from smuggling weapons, fuel and people.

On Wednesday, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) revealed that Libyan patrol boats intercepted a total of 307 people the night before. who were trying to travel to italy Similar unregulated ships and returned them to port in Tripoli, despite Libya being considered “an unsafe country”.

In a statement, the agency reported that the migrants, including 22 women and eleven children, were disembarked in the port of the Libyan capital, Where the International Red Cross and UNHCR are the same He was given first aid before being transferred to detention centers by Libyan fighters.

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On the other hand, the German NGO’s Sea Watch 4 ship has rescued 73 migrants, who were traveling in an inflatable boat, so currently 193 people on board have been rescued on his voyage to the central Mediterranean, and hope that officials from nearby countries will provide a port to dock,

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The last operation took place this morning when a drifting boat carrying 73 people, including several pregnant women, was found. It is believed that it was a boat that sought help on this Friday and about which no further information was found. NGO explained on social network that the ship continues to watch If necessary to support new migrant ships.

Sea Watch has also condemned that in recent days They were threatened by a Libyan Coast Guard patrol boat To shut down the engines or they would be shot and then ordered to leave the area even though they were in international waters.

Today is the fourth rescue of the ship, which on Thursday rescued the first boat with 24 people and the second with 86 people, while another six people were later pulled out of the water. that they were intercepted by the Libyan coast guards, but they jumped into the sea.

For its part, the ship Gio Barents, operated by Doctors Without Borders (MSF), finished landing in Messina (Sicily) today, after receiving authorization from Italy, Of the 186 migrants rescued in recent days And also the bodies of 10 people who were found dead of suffocation under one of the boats.

Around 1,300 people died in 2021

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According to data from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), more than 29,400 migrants were intercepted in the Mediterranean Sea and returned to Libya throughout the year, triple that during the same period in 2020,

Also, compared to 381 dead and 597 missing during the previous year, 555 have lost their lives and 736 have gone missing on different cruises.

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