At least five killed in deliberate run-off during a parade in the US

WorldAt least five killed in deliberate run-off during a...

  • Car driver throws himself at people attending a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Due to a run over during the Christmas parade in the United States state of Wisconsin At least five people died and more than 40 were injuredAccording to Waukesha city police officials, many of them are minors.

City Police Chief Dan Thompson confirmed at a news conference that many of these run over In this incident they were children And he also announced that there were “many” dead, though he did not want to give more details because, as he explained, they are informing the families of the victims about the deaths.

Police have located the vehicle and have so far detained one person, but did not provide further details as the investigation is still on.

The vehicle, according to Thompson, is a red SUV (light off-road) He passed over twenty people on his way.

He also explained that an agent fired at the car until he dropped his weapon, in vain trying to stop it. He said there was no injury from any of the shots.

As per the data provided by the Superintendent of Police, Twelve adults and eleven children were transferred to hospitals.,

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The city’s mayor, Sean Reilly, said: “Today our community faced horror and tragedy as a celebration.” State and federal officials praised the emergency services’ prompt response and the help they provided.

From the moment of the incident and throughout the afternoon, several videos were published on social networks that show For vehicle leaving the cordon and entering the parade area at high speed,

One of the latest videos published shows the moment the car attacks members of the music band and runs over several people before leaving the area.

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“Many have seen the traumatic events tonight“They have identified with the police department, which has enabled a contact telephone number for those in need of psychological support.

White House sources have transferred to CNN that the President of the United States, Joe Biden, has been informed of the incident.

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