At least seven injured in protests against sanctions riots in Rotterdam

WorldAt least seven injured in protests against sanctions riots...

at least Seven people have been injured in the fierce riots and clashes with police in the port city since Friday Rotterdam during the protest against the new sanctions imposed by the Netherlands government to deal with a new pandemic rebound,

This has been indicated by the city’s mayor, Ahmed Abaleb, who has expressed his regret. “Orgy of Violence” which has taken place within the framework of the mobilization and has proceeded that from 1.30 hours (local time) on this Saturday, The police have “gained control” of the city centre., where units from across the country have reached to deal with the situation.

For their part, the police have reported that “Have shooting-related injuries” Warned that they did, although it denounced that many agents have also become victims of disturbances caused by hundreds of protesters.

The National Criminal Investigation Department has further stated that Will investigate the shooting of agents who have tried to stop the protest with water cannons and rubber bulletsWhile the demonstrators set off fireworks or torched vehicles.

In this regard the mayor has said that Police “feel obliged to defend themselves” Faced with the facts, the NOS series reports. “It has nothing to do with the appearance, but with rebellious scum and naive and foolish followers”, for his part, has insisted the chief executive officer of the Dutch police, Koen Simmers.

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At the same time, it has also been warned Protesters attacked journalists According to AboutLab, which covered the events, who have mourned this type of attack on a professional from RTV Rijnmond.

at least 20 people have been arrested for these incidentsWhile it is expected that the arrests will continue, the authorities have moved on.

with this emergency order For people in and around the city center until 4.30 am this Saturday, which prevents people from coming into the area.

Train service to and from Rotterdam Central Station has been suspended Police are waiting for the riots to calm down, but activity has resumed at 00.15 hours (local time).

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There were calls against the government‘s plans behind these protests. Restrict the entry of people in public places who have not been vaccinated Against the coronavirus, there would be groups like Dockers United or Feyenoord City.

These are known to have organized past mobilizations against measures imposed by the authorities to halt the progress of the pandemic, such as those registered last month January when injunction in the Netherlands,

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