Atletico Madrid stakes their Champions League future against Milan

U.S.A.Atletico Madrid stakes their Champions League future against Milan

Atletico Madrid and Milan play a high-voltage game in the Champions League (Photo: EFE)

NS Champions League They entered the deciding phase and this fifth day will have a dramatic component with weight teams that are on the verge of elimination. Atletico Madrid acquires Milano with a look at what happens at the same time in liverpool-porto,

with him reds Already classified for the next round, another ticket is available Atletico Madrid, porto hey Milan, The Italian team is the most complex and is not dependent on its results, something that the Spanish team has on the table.

from them Cholo They add 4 points and are third behind Porto, who have 5. Is, The most dramatic scenario would be the victory of the Portuguese team against Liverpool in England and a stumble of MATTRESS before matching. This will wipe out Simeon. However the panorama remarkably reverses if there is a Portuguese collapse and a victory for the people of Madrid.

The description is Atletico and Porto group deadline to meet on Tuesday, December 17 Feather Dragon’s Stadium After a goalless draw in the first round of the group stage Wanda Metropolitano.


stadium, wanda metropolitano

Television, ESPN 3

group b table

FC Sheriff – Real Madrid

Sheriff Tiraspol defeated and defeated Real Madrid in the first round (Photo: EFE)
Sheriff Tiraspol defeated and defeated Real Madrid in the first round (Photo: EFE)

The second duel of the day on which all eyes will be Bolshaya Sportivnaya ArenaMILF’s house FC Sheriff Which became one of the Champions League sensational teams: they will get by by 17 (Argentina time) real madrid With dreams of hitting another blow to the table that brings him closer to the round of 16.

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Tiraspol’s team defeated Shakhtar at home and also won merengue as a visitor, which allowed him to explore Currently third in Group D with six units behind Inter (7) and Real Madrid (9), With almost sure to make a move to the Europa League, they are still looking to give another push to their stellar performances in the Champions League.

An imaginary victory against the mighty Spanish team and a loss for Inter against the Ukrainians will put them above all this, virtually in the next stage, as the last day will be on 7 December with the cross between Inter and Real Madrid.

possible formation

stadium, Bolshaya Sportivnaya Arena

Hour: 17.00 (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay) / 16.00 (Bolivia) / 15.00 (Colombia, Peru and Ecuador) / 14.00 (Mexico)

Television, ESPN 2

group d lead table

Inter 2-0 Shakhtar

Besiktas Ajax



Sporting Lisboa-Borussia Dortmund

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