Attack in Guamas: Attack in Sonora was a “warning for all”

U.S.A.Attack in Guamas: Attack in Sonora was a "warning...

State police personnel guard the area where an armed attack was recorded today, in the municipality of Guamas, State of Sonora (Mexico) Photo: EFE / Daniel Sanchez

Residents of Guamas in the state of Sonora in northern Mexico experienced moments of terror when a armed group fired at the Municipal Palace Against Mayor Carla Cordovac, her bodyguards, and a feminist collective who protested peacefully.

The State Attorney General’s Office reported that a total of three people died, two men and one woman, for whom Code Red was activated, and I know recommended Avoid going to the first crossroads of the city,

Sources commented infobae Mexico that members of the feminist collective, as self-described “Feminists of the Sea”, They went to the Municipal Palace in Guayas to lay down their cards and protest peacefully.

However, something changed compared to previous years, for the first time, local authorities received them, It was Mayor Carla Cordova who appeared in the public square with her colleagues.

As part of his personal security, the local commissioner, a former member of the Navy’s Secretariat, as well as his bodyguards made up of a body of sailors and police, were also in the area.

One of the mayor's escorts was shot dead, one of the perpetrators fell in the area and got into the mass shooting.
An escort of the mayor was shot dead, one of the perpetrators fell in the area and a member of the collective “Feministas del Mar” died in the shootout (Photo: Twitter / @expresiongyms)

During the protest, a purported grenade sound was first heard, “like a cutie”, and then a pair of bullets because of which killing an escort,

While repulsing the attacks, the mayor’s security members killed one person, but the gunfire reached a member of the “Feministas del Mar”. 18 year old Marisol, who died on the spot.

Marisol had just finished high school and was part of the choir of the Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional de México, formerly known as the Esperanza Azteca Orchestra; Besides, it was a famous activist, is recognized by its continued participation in ecological reasons as wellMILF journalist Cecilia Haro meganoticious Guamas.

the Hitman fell on 23rd street The bodyguard was murdered in front of the Municipal Palace, and inside the building, which would have reportedly saved the life of the mayor.

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In addition, officials Many injured were shifted to nearby hospitals, including members of the collective Feministas del Mar, although without confirming whether they were scourges or bullets.

Officers transferred several injured to nearby hospitals. Photo: @Contraportada_r / Twitter.
Officers transferred several injured to nearby hospitals. Photo: @Contraportada_r / Twitter.

According to sources, more than a direct attack, it was almost Notice to Commissioner and Officers of Sonora, which apparently would have been overtaken by organized crime.

In addition, Sonora prosecutors immediately appeared at the scene, Claudia Indira Contreras Cordova, the commissioner of the Ministerial Criminal Investigation Agency, and personnel from three levels of government cordoned off the area.

State Police appeared in the area initiate an operation coordinated with the authorities According to the information provided on their official Twitter account, both municipal and federal.

“We are in cooperation with the prosecutor’s office so that, based on their investigation, we can support them in the necessary actions,” he revealed via Twitter.

Photo: @bandsibandi2 / Twitter.
Photo: @bandsibandi2 / Twitter.

For his part, the Governor of Sonora, alfonso durazo, hours later appeared on the social network. Through a tweet, he assured that Condemn the violence in the unitIn addition to sending our condolences to the families of the victims in Guamas.

“We categorically condemn the violent incidents in Guamas. Our condolences to the families of the deceased. Officials from three levels of government are at the scene, supporting the investigation to bring those responsible to justice,” he wrote.

23rd November only Alfonso Durazo appeared in Guamaso, The governor assured the local press that they would continue to work defending the area and was very clear in ensuring that they were not in any case overwhelmed by organized crime groups.

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