Attack on the Municipal Palace in Guamas: At least one woman and two men killed

U.S.A.Attack on the Municipal Palace in Guamas: At least...

“The request is made to block access to the city’s first painting,” the prosecutor’s office said. (Photo: Facebook / 104NoticiasdeBalazo)

During this Thursday night, November 25, a attack to armed City Hall From guaymas, in the federal unit of sonora, reported the State Attorney General’s Office (FGJE).

dependencies and corporate personnel three orders of the government participate code Red FGJE ordered.

so far they are reporting three lifeless people: Two men and one woman. “It is requested block access In the first square of the city, ”said the prosecutor’s office.

for its part, public security department The State of Sonora declared in its Twitter account that “in view of the recorded incidents in the vicinity of the Municipal Palace this afternoon #guamasElements of the State Public Security Secretariat They maintain an operation in the field with the support of National Guardcity ​​police, marina, State Prosecutor’s Office”.

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