Austria begins confinement to mitigate fourth wave of Covid

WorldAustria begins confinement to mitigate fourth wave of Covid

Austria It once again closed non-essential trade, gastronomy, museums, cultural events and shows on Monday, becoming the first country in Europe to impose a lockdown to prevent a fourth wave of COVID-19 this winter. the streets of One, which was the scene of intense protests over the weekend against the measures adopted to tackle the pandemic, has come up empty.

after many chains new infection records In recent weeks, the Alpine Republic, of 8.9 million residents, currently records a cumulative incidence over seven days of 1,102 new infections per 100,000 residents. In hospitals in some areas, intensive care units are flooded with COVID patients and on the verge of collapse, forcing the postponement of many operations and treatments for various diseases.

“We need firm action,” said Minister of Health, Ecologist Wolfgang Mückstein, justifying the stronger sanctions, and recalled that “staff at the UCI are at the border, they can’t anymore.”

until 12 December

“Sure reduce contact (among citizens) at least 30%, we need the capacity of hospitals for all, we need a medium term approach,” the minister insisted last night in an interview with public television ORF.

NS Government made up of conservatives and environmentalists, after recording several records of new infections, decided and announced new confinement last Friday and the restrictions were imposed after only five days. not vaccinated,

The measures will remain in force for 20 days, unless 12 December, although they must be extended by decree at the end of the month. As in previous occasions, imprisonment in Austria is moderate compared to taxes in the past in other countries, allowing people to leave home for a variety of reasons.

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among them, besides Purchase of food, medicine and other basic necessitiesThere is also work and education “Outdoor physical and mental entertainment”, according to a recently published decree. This includes, for example, taking the train on skis.

Similarly, it is possible to go out to care for people who need support, to meet “basic religious needs” or to care for animals, “to perform family rights and responsibilities with relatives and close contacts”. .

this can be done go to doctor and for vaccination and COVID testing centres, or to “use the tools of democracy”, such as participating in demonstrations.

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NS FFP2 mask mandatory in all closed public places And also at work, where you have to maintain a physical distance of at least two meters between people. Officials have asked that everyone who can work from home.

events of professional sportsLike football, they will be without spectators. With the new imprisonment, the Austrian government announced that Kovid vaccine will be mandatory from February, a measure adopted given the population’s low immunization rate, which currently stands at 66%, is insufficient to stop the rapid spread of the delta version of the coronavirus.

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