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Avocado prices have doubled in the past year, but supply will increase

Avocado prices are high in anticipation of lower prices after the next harvest. (Unsplash/Eddie Pipokas)

Avocado prices have doubled in the past year, giving health foodies a sigh, and Governor Albert’s inspection of incoming trucks is also a reason, but market experts say prices will start to drop in the near future. Will be

When the Chinese first came to the United States to see an avocado, most of them had no idea what it was. After trying it, they found that the taste and texture were great, and that its fat was very healthy. Many people couldn’t help but fall in love with it. Avocados can be eaten on their own, but most people eat guacamole, and several southwestern US states bordering Mexico, includingTexas,california,new MexicoAnd Arizona, guacamole is a delicious topping for all meals.

Tortilla chips dipped in guacamole are one of the crowd favorite snacks at major sporting events, and are especially delicious with a cold beer.

Avocados are expensive these days, with wholesale prices reaching 79 yuan per box, compared to only 39 yuan at this time last year. Most of the avocados in the United States come from Mexico, and regions where avocados are grown have suffered droughts and low rainfall in recent years, which has greatly affected the crop. Three months ago, US food security personnel were threatened by gangs when they inspected avocados in Mexico. The United States once banned the importation of Mexican avocados. The retail price of avocado had risen in an instant. Apart from this, inspection of trucks coming on the orders of Governor Albert is also a reason for the shortage.

However, experts in the fruit and vegetable industry pointed out that avocados are harvested in autumn, and the avocado harvest season has just begun in Peru (Peru), South America, and prices will drop slightly after sufficient supply. In addition, in the Jalisco region of Mexico, avocados produced in the past did not meet American standards. After years of revamping, Jalisco’s avocados will begin entering the US market later this year, and the price will be affordable. Avocado eaters are about to save some money.

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