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Avoid much attention? Bezos ‘Superyacht’ quietly leaves construction dock

Rotterdam, the Netherlands’ second largest city, plans to temporarily break down a key bridge in February to allow Amazon’s founderBezosA custom-built superyacht that could go to sea has sparked outrage among locals, and in July it was revealed that shipbuilders had voluntarily applied to cancel the project. Business Insider reported on the 4th that Superyachts had quietly left the dock under construction, neither going over the bridge nor sending crowds of onlookers.

The 127-metre-long superyacht, tentatively named “Y721”, ordered by Bezos from shipbuilder Oceanco, is expected to cost $500 million. It is the second largest sailing yacht in the world.

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Business Insider reported that the German “Der Spiegel” magazine reported that “Y721” had been moved to the Green in Rotterdam in the early hours of 2.potterGreenport Shipyard. Hanko Boll, a fan of the local yachting fan club “Dutch Yachting”, witnessed the transfer and recorded a video and posted it to YouTube.

Ball said that preparations for the movement of the superyacht began at around 1 a.m. and departed at 3 p.m., adding that “Y721” chose a longer alternative route, speculating that Oceanko “could try to ensure that the Departure and transport are the same “times.” And avoid crossing the central Rotterdam and Koningshaven Bridge, known locally as “De Hef”, which will likely attract more attention.

“We’ve never seen transport so fast,” Ball wrote in the description of the YouTube video, referring to “Y721” that took only 3 hours and a total of 40 kilometers to reach Greenport Dock. It can be seen from the video that when the “Y721” was towed on the morning of the 2nd, the three masts were not seen, and it is reported that this would be installed later.

“Y721” has 3 masts and is about 40 meters high. It is too heavy to pass under the Konyshev Bridge. Oceanco applied for the removal of part of the bridge body of “De Heff”, but residents were quite dissatisfied, and some even started an activity on Facebook, saying that once Bezos’s superyacht was launched. After doing, everyone will be invited to throw eggs. When Oceanco withdrew its application to demolish the bridge, it was reportedly closed due to social unrest, saying shipyard workers were threatened and concerned about the potential for vandalism.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. (AP file photo)


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