Babel United Silence Semen Padang

SportsBabel United Silence Semen Padang

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NEW PEKANBARU – Babel United secure all three points after beating Semen Padang FC 1-0 in Group A lanjutan continued League 2 2021/2022 at the Kaharuddin Nasution Stadium, Pekanbaru, Monday (22/11/2021) evening WIB. Engelberd Sani scored the winning goal for Ibn Grahan’s troops.

Both teams played buying and selling attacks from the early minutes of the first half, even though Semen Padang dominated the game. They got a chance in the 16th minute through Aldino’s kick. However, his shot was blocked by the back row of Babel United.

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The Semen Padang stronghold also experienced disaster. The reason, the counter-attack by Babel United was able to bear fruit into a goal. It was Engelberd Sani who managed to break into the goal guarded by Achmad Iqbal in the 20th minute.

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Kabau Sirah- nicknamed Semen Padang- continued to attack the heart of Babel United‘s defense to equalize. However, the attack they made still has not paid off.

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Until the long whistle sounded, the score did not change. Babel United won 1-0 over Semen Padang FC in the first half.

Entering the second half, Babel United tried to dominate the game. Until in the 50th minute, Eki Fauji attempted a long-range kick but it still deviated from the Semen Padang goal.

The team directed by Ibnu Grahan repeatedly carried out attacks after attacks to the heart of Semen Padang’s defense. Several opportunities were also created but still not fruitful into goals.

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