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Grancers, which operates the outsourcing service “SUPPORT + iA” that supports back office operations, announced on November 24 that it has raised approximately 150 million yen through a third-party allotment. Underwriters are Keio Innovation Initiative (KII), GREE Ventures, and individual investors. The funds raised will be used for product development, recruitment and education of regular employees and external collaborators.

Grancers was established in 2013 with a tax accountant corporation that supports accounting and taxation and back office in general. The cumulative number of customers of the entire group, including tax accountant corporations, exceeds 1,500, and we are developing businesses that meet the diverse needs and issues of customers through back office support such as accountant / tax accountant services, accounting / payroll. In addition to outsourcing services for back office operations, he also manages consulting, SES (engineer dispatch), and coworking spaces.

Supportia is a service that supports a wide range of back office operations such as general affairs, finance, accounting, personnel labor, and general affairs. Unlike traditional dispatch and outsourcing services, you can complete your work through online communication. A cost plan is prepared according to the amount of work, and it is possible to contract from at least 6 hours a month. We provide total support for creating an environment where users can concentrate on their core business.

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In recent years, there has been a shortage of human resources who are responsible for back office operations such as accounting, finance, and personnel labor, which require specialization, and there is an increasing need to “leave non-core operations to someone as much as necessary.” Grancers creates a database of know-how cultivated through accountant / tax accountant work and back office support, and by combining system development and RPA and other technologies, promotes product development that streamlines and automates back office work common to many companies. ing. In the future, he hopes to provide more users with DX-based, highly productive back office operations.


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