Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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Bai Jingting’s Spring Festival Gala performance “Occupying the Sea Position” caused controversy… Wei Daxun’s witty defense was praised

The 2024 CCTV Spring Festival Gala has ended, but related topics are still vivid. In particular, the duet “Shangchunshan” by Bai Jingting, Wei Daxun and Wei Chen was the most controversial. Some sharp-eyed netizens found that Bai Jingting was suspected of occupying the C position during the performance, disrupting the rhythm of the stage. In addition, Bai Jingting also wore different colors on the stage. “Bai Jingting’s reputation” also became a hot search topic.

From the scene of the three-person performance, it can be seen that Bai Jingting, who was standing highest on the stairs, was the first to sing. However, when he finished his song, he had to give way to the next singer, Wei Daxun. Unexpectedly, Bai Jingting remained as motionless as a mountain. Wei Daxun, who was about to leave, stepped back, and his blank expression was caught by netizens.

After Wei Daxun finished his song, he suddenly came to Bai Jingting’s position and made a “please” gesture, and took Bai Jingting with him to make way for the next singer, Wei Chen. Wei Daxun’s witty defense and overall situation performance won praise from many netizens.

Not only her stage performance, but also Bai Jingting’s costumes caused controversy. Some netizens found that the clothes Bai Jingting wore during the Spring Festival Gala live broadcast and rehearsal were completely opposite to those of Wei Daxun and Wei Chen. It seemed that he was deliberately different from the other two to highlight himself. In the Spring Festival Gala interview room and other occasions where the other three attended together, Bai Jingting’s clothing colors are always out of place.

Host Xie Na directly asked during the interview, “Did anyone wear the same clothes today? Has anyone changed?” Wei Daxun said, “I haven’t changed. I just want to represent myself.” Bai Jingting hesitated, and the scene was too good to be embarrassing.

Some Bai Jingting fans explained to their idol, “He must have forgotten to move.” However, some netizens responded that the Spring Festival Gala performance had gone through many rehearsals, so it was unlikely that he “forgot to move.” Bai Jingting’s character has also been questioned by many netizens.

Bai Jingting (left) was seen at position C during the demonstration. (Taken from Weibo)



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