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Baldwin set shooting, New Mexico state autopsy report says female photographer died in accident, FBI disagrees

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male staralex baldwin(Alec Baldwin) Last October 21new MexicoDuring the filming of the film Rust, female photographer Halina Hutchins (Haleena Hutchins) was accidentally shot and director Souza (Joel Souza) was also injured; The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office of New Mexico (Santa Fe) made the announcement on the 15th.medicineThe Office of Investigator’s autopsy report found Hutchins’ death to be “accidental.”

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The New Mexico State Medical Investigator’s office concluded in its report that there was no apparent intent to cause injury or death, and that there was no evidence that the revolver was intentionally loaded with ammunition on set.

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Hollywood actor Baldwin at the shooting site of the shoot in April 2022. (Getty Images)

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However, FBI analysis and inspection reports on the firearm revealed that the revolver could never be fired without intentionally pulling the trigger while the revolver was loaded; The report said: “During the test gun shooting, the shot was fired without firing. Pulling the trigger was because we hit the gun hard with a mallet, breaking the cylinder of the gun; but still, this so-called The “Gun Misfire” was not an accident.

Prosecutors have yet to decide whether they will convict Alec Baldwin, but after being informed of the autopsy report, Baldwin’s lawyers said the autopsy report proved that Hutchins’ death was “a heartbreak.” It was a tragedy” and Alec Baldwin “shouldn’t have been the third. When New Mexico officials brought the incident to show that Alex Baldwin was unaware of the dangers of guns, the on-set crew said they were criminal. We’re facing trial,” said Alex Baldwin’s attorney, Luke Exit. Tell Alec Baldwin ‘The gun is not loaded’ and assure him the gun is safe.”

Alec Baldwin has said on the matter more than once that he sympathized with the tragedy, but at the time of the incident, he did not know that a gun could be fired, and secondly, he believed that he did not trigger. drawn.

Even though Alexander Baldwin pulled the trigger at the time of the incident, the New Mexico State Department of Occupational Health and Safety reported that the studio had not properly stored the firearm for theatrical use. Even gun safety experts are excluded from developing gun control. security plans.

The prop guns frequently used on set are almost real.  (Getty Images)
The prop guns frequently used on set are almost real. (Getty Images)


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