Bangladesh: Human Chain withdraws Chinese ‘attack’ on locals in Matbariya

Matt Barria [Bangladesh]May 13 (ANI): A human chain formed on Thursday demanding the dropping of false charges in violent attacks against locals who blocked the construction of the Mathbaria embankment in Bangladesh’s Pirojpur district.

The human chain project was observed by the public under the name “Sachetan Nagarik Samaj” in Pagla, Narayanganj.

Hundreds of people attended the peaceful rally.

Under the banner of the protest, the attackers were described by locals as “aggressive Chinese business minds”.

A spokesman for the Human Chain said the country was moving forward under Sheikh Hasina. Although the Chinese have created a lot of problems. Even after such an attack, the locals were patient.

The speaker further stated that after the attack on the locals, a false lawsuit was filed against them. The case must be withdrawn immediately. If the case is not dropped at this time, they also warned of tougher action in the future.

Speaking to the Chinese embassy in the Human Chain Project, they said, “You should warn your engineers, citizens and workers so that such incidents do not happen again.” It is reported that on May 1, residents of the area were angry and obstructed. Work carried out due to complex land acquisition for construction projects, and the construction of dikes does not give priority to regional needs.

Chinese workers clashed with locals. Following the incident, a fake case was filed against the locals. As a result, many people flee in fear. (ANI)


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