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Baolin Tea House Poisoning Case/Beijing uploaded 91 consumption records to trace the origin of 8 kinds of sauces

Regarding the poisoning case at Baolin Tea House in Xinyi District, Taipei City, the Health Bureau of Taipei City said that 91 consumption records have been uploaded to a special area for public verification; 8 types of sauces were found and the source was immediately traced; Poisoning with artificial rice fermentation acids is unlikely, but not excluded.

Two people died and several were sent to the hospital in a case of food poisoning at the Baolin Tea House in Xinyi District, Taipei City. The Ministry of Health and Welfare found traces of blood in the blood of the deceased.SearchOryzazoic acid. The Taipei City Government held a press conference this afternoon to explain the latest developments.

During the meeting, the Health Bureau said it had fined Baolin Tea House NT$2.5 million, NT$500,000 for failing to truthfully inform another branch for the first time, and NT$2 million for not having insurance. From the 17th to the 25th, 91 purchases have been uploaded to the food poisoning area of ​​the Baolin Tea Room of the Health Bureau. The public can visit the “Consumption Refund” column for investigation. If you have eaten and feel unwell, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Chen Yanyuan, health director of Taipei City, said eight types of sauces used at Baolin Tea House have been identified and their sources can be immediately traced.

The media asked whether the source of the contamination was the sauce or artificial poisoning. In this regard, Taipei Mayor Chiang Wannan said that although fermented rice has been found in the body of the deceased, they will still have to cooperate with the police investigation and will not rule out any possibility until a conclusion is reached.

Chen Yanyuan said that rice fermentation acid often appears in starch. Although rice kway teow is likely to be overcooked, other sauces and ingredients should be constantly checked. Rice fermentation acid is the most likely cause, but other factors cannot be ruled out.

Yan Zonghai, director of the Clinical Poison Center of Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, also attended the press conference. He said that rice yeast is acid resistant.high temperatureColorless and odorless. After food poisoning, the disease progresses rapidly, and organ failure occurs within 1 day. There is no clinically effective antidote, and it is mostly treated with supportive therapy.

Yan Zonghai pointed out that from the medical point of view, it is unlikely that the rice ferment was artificially poisoned, because the rice ferment is produced after the fermentation of rice products, and the cause must be food contamination.



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