Barbarian! MMA fighter bites friend’s testicles after losing a fight

SportsBarbarian! MMA fighter bites friend's testicles after losing...
Barbar! MMA fighter Donavan Salvato was arrested for allegedly biting his roommate’s testicles, leaving a 2.5-inch wound. Donavan Salvator, who has an amateur record of 3-1, was sent to Nashville Metro Jail for 12 hours for “assault with bodily injury”, according to the police report.

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The affidavit claims he was involved in a fight with his roommate Abel Sosa following a row over Salvato who lives there even though he is not being hired. They came to hit and Salvato is said to have landed blows on Sosa’s head and body.

He then allegedly lost and chose to bite off Sosa’s pants, leaving him with a horrific tear in his testicle. Salvato claimed the injury may have been the result of the two just wrestling with each other around the room.

Sosa has given her account of what is happening on social media. Speaking on Facebook about the incident alongside Salvato’s picture, Sosa said: “If you know this person doesn’t trust the crazy people you are around.”

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“Literally the evidence I will use in court is the piece of skin he managed to tear from my testicle. I received 3 stitches at the VA hospital and a few injections to prevent the dental infection from spreading, right on Veterans Day.

“I have to have a good eye from the Marine Corps gouging rogues. But once focused on maintaining control, never throwing punches. Victory is won with composure.”

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“I need to write a book, or something about some story I came across. Who can clearly say that their testicles were bitten by a professional MMA fighter during a fight?. I’ll wait…. Nashville can be so wild that I face more danger here than overseas.”

If I write a book about my nuts being bitten, know that it will be one where the ending starts at the beginning with a rewind so that everyone can get their first bite right away!”

One person then responded by asking: “Are you naked?”

To which he replied: “No! He bit his pants.”


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