Barra Brava del Cucuta threatens violence if America vs Milanarios match is played in his city

U.S.A.Barra Brava del Cucuta threatens violence if America vs...

Millonarios v. Americas de Cali, Saturday, October 9, 2021 / (Twitter: @Dimayor)

This weekend will be the first date for the quadrennial leg of the Betplay League. Notably, on Sunday America de Cali must receive the Milanarios, with the duel taking place at 6:00 pm. The Caleno team has no stadium for this match.

5-1 win of Cali to America Deportivo Pereira was allowed to enter the final stage betplay league, Luckily for him, he got the three results he needed and confirmed his home run assist.

However, the US team’s concern is now about the stadium where it will play in the final leg, as it was known a few days ago that they would not be able to use the stadium. Pascual Guerrero, Because it was used before. will be done in The Junior Pan American Games, which begin this Thursday, November 25, will run through December 5.

Thus, America will be bound to seek a sports scene. The first option was the Hernán Ramírez Villegas Stadium in the city of Pereira. This scenario closed the doors for the ‘Scarlet’ team due to the bad behavior of fans at the most recent date of the Colombian Championship.

There are already two cities that refuse entry to the painting in red. First was Armenia, then De Pereira, who has argued his decision on the possibility of conflict between these fans and the public order, is turned by his behavior.

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against it, On behalf of the Cucuta Mayor’s Office, it was reported that this would provide the Juan Carlos Osorio team the possibility of this meeting to be held in the border town.

Following this announcement, Kukuta fans spoke out and clarified that if the local administration allowed this meeting to take place, there would be a high percentage of violent acts among the followers of the teams concerned.

Via social networks, La Banda del Indio, a bar in Cucuta Deportivo, shared a statement about the refusal to allow this meeting to take place in the capital of Norte de Santander. “We are not responsible for acts of violence” warned Brave Bar of the missing team ‘Motilo’, it can be read in the letter.

America Match:

Date 1 – November 28: America Vs. millionaire

Date 2 – 1 December: Tolima Vs. America

Date December 3 – 5: US VS. Petroleum Alliance

Date December 4 – 8: Alianza Petrolera Vs. America

Date December 5 – 12: America Vs. tolima

Dated December 6 – 15: Millionaire Vs. America

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