Thursday, August 11, 2022

Beach house on the embankment surrounded by the sea

A few houses away, Matt Story is dubbing “The Mermaid Dream” as the exterior deck of the waterfront home he purchased last November. They estimated there was about 70 feet of sand between the house and the beach when they closed the property. On Thursday the waves hit the house swings.

Mr Story, who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, said he had some confidence in buying the house, especially since it was shipped back by sea for $ 200,000 in 2018. He had another site nearby and although he expected potential cutting problems to arise eventually, he did not expect them to come so soon.

He said he would like to rent the space for the time being. However, he said he was concerned about the loss of investment.

He said we were under a lot of pressure. “I mean, I can not sell it, I can not move it, I can not get rid of it, I can not rent it.”

Mr Story went on to say that his “nuclear choice” was to go to Ocean Drive and stay in his home full time, but that too was fraught with obvious dangers. He said, ‘I have no plans. “I plan to overcome this.”

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