Before the scheduled time, Alex Saab, the designated front man of the Nicolas Maduro regime, will have to reappear before the US stand.

U.S.A.Before the scheduled time, Alex Saab, the designated front...

Alex Saab in prison during a hearing with Judge O’Sullivan (Florida Federal Court)

United States officials announced that they would extend the date of the ‘status’ trial against Alex Saab, who is said to know all of Nicolas Maduro’s secrets. and serving as a front man in Venezuela to hide the money and gold stolen by that regime, in addition to possessing details about alleged alliances established with Iran, Russia, and Turkey that would have been a truce for the North American country. may represent danger. and area.

Although they initially set it for January 3, 2022, Spanish news agency EFE reported that A federal judge in a North American country pushed the process so that it would happen next Monday, December 6, within two weeks.

The request was made by the Defense of Colombia, which was later nationalized as Venezuela, and Judge Robert N. Skola Jr. approved, so that the hearing in this way would not be on December 28 but at the beginning of it.

Once Barranquillero attends this stage of the judicial process they take him to a Miami court for conspiracy to commit money laundering, Their trial will formally begin on January 3, 2022.

After being extradited from Cape Verde in mid-November, Scola Jr. also dismissed seven money laundering charges against Saab. Where he was deprived of freedom from June 2020.

Washington withdrew seven of the eight charges it initially faced, leaving only illicit connection to launder money, as part of an agreement with the African country to send it to the United States. If found guilty, he could face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

US prosecutors accuse Saab of rigging Net worth more than $350 million after bribing Venezuelan officials and forging documents To obtain affordable housing construction contracts.

On 15 November, Saab pleaded not guilty to the above charge and his lawyer, Neil Schuster, told the court that he represented “a diplomat of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”. The situation with which the Maduro regime tried to maneuver so that the 49-year-old Colombian-Venezuelan could gain his independence.

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Saab’s extradition from Cape Verde still made the atmosphere tense between the United States and Venezuela, and Interrupted talks between the Maduro government and the Venezuelan protests in Mexico.

The hearing, the first hearing of this court case in person, took place after Judge Robert Scola rejected Saab’s request to limit public and press attendance. In that appearance, which was virtual, more than 300 people were involved and Colombia’s defense alleged that many of them violated laws because they took photos and videos that were later published on the social network. Since The defendant requested that the public be able to attend by telephone only, which was rejected by the judge, who ordered a face-to-face hearing.

Except for lawyers and authorized persons, the courts cannot be accessed by telephone or electronic devices. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most hearings are held virtually.

The Chavista regime alleges that Saab, whom the United States considers to be an alleged front man for Maduro, He was one of their diplomats on a humanitarian mission en route to Iran, when their plane was stopped for refueling in Cape Verde.

But court documents from another case indicate that despite being presented as a character loyal to Maduro He could have secretly deceived the Venezuelan government for years and met with US officials before being indicted in 2019.

(with info from EFE)

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