Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Beijing criticizes “ugly” Indo-Pacific strategy: I hope Mongolia is on the right side of history

America’s “Indo-Pacific Strategy”,BeijingHe expressed his position again, expressing to northern neighbor Mongolia that the Indo-Pacific strategy provoked the militarization of regional patterns, and the face is ugly. “I hope and believe” Mongolia and other close and friendly neighbors will understand its essence, beware of its conspiracies, and stand on the right side of history.

According to the official website of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Liu Jinsong, director of the Asian Department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, met with Mongolian Ambassador Baderle in Beijing on the 23rd. Liu Jinsong told the Mongolian proverb that “people are ugly at heart, and snakes are ugly in appearance.” More recently, the countries concerned have often promoted an “Indo-Pacific Strategy” that provokes militarization, camp and ideology of regional structure. They are highly targeted, deceptive and harmful, and they are ugly in the face and inside. I hope and believe that Mongolia and China’s other close and friendly neighbors will gain insight into its essence, remain alert to its conspiracy and stand on the right side of history.

Liu Jinsong also emphasized that China and Mongolia are close neighbors, inseparable partners and inseparable friends. “The more turbulent the international situation, China and Mongolia, as close neighbors, should strengthen communication, enhance mutual trust and deepen cooperation. The Chinese side attaches great importance to Mongolia’s legitimate concerns, and Mongolia Provides maximum support and assistance to the people. Economic and livelihood creation of the people is within our ability to ensure that the customs clearance at the port is fully completed. Transport and railway transport can be carried as far as possible. and urgent matters can be handled as far as possible.”

The above news also reported that Baderley insisted that Mongolia adheres to the spirit of the bilateral document, “will not participate in any military-political alliance against China, and that any third country may not harm China’s sovereignty.” will not allow Mongolia’s territory to be used to deliver more security.”


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