Thursday, August 4, 2022

Beijing Tsinghua University announced that no personnel will enter or leave the school from the 14th day of the shutdown

Beijing’s Tsinghua University will be closed from the 14th. (Taken from Tsinghua University’s WeChat public account)

according to thisBeijingYouth Daily reported that Beijing Tsinghua University issued a notice on the 14th, received an emergency notice from the high-level department, and the school will further strengthen gate control.EpidemicExcept for prevention and control and security personnel, other personnel shall not enter or leave the school, and are prohibited from entering the school.

According to the notice, according to the latest situation of epidemic prevention and control in Beijing and emergency notification from higher authorities, the school has decided to further strengthen the school gate control from May 14. Except for approved epidemic prevention and control personnel, other personnel shall not enter the Not Out. The previous application for admission to the school will be temporarily cancelled, separate report will be prepared in case of special need.

At the same time, from May 14, entry of takeaway food into the school is prohibited and express delivery needs to be sterilized in a centralized manner. The school’s north-east gate (Bauhinia Gate) is closed throughout the day, and pedestrian and vehicular movement is suspended. Faculty members, family members and residents living on the Tsinghua campus are not allowed to enter the teaching and research area and student area, and the school will take necessary isolation measures.

Some netizens said that not only Tsinghua University is currently closed in Beijing, but Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology and other universities have previously closed schools.News also that Haidian District has many colleges and universitiesepidemic preventionConsider closing.

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