Benefits of Milk: If you drink a glass of warm water before sleeping, you can sleep comfortably.. Why? | A glass of warm milk before sleeping gives deep sleep, scientists revealed

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Benefits of Milk: Drinking lukewarm milk before sleeping is a common habit of most of us. We know from childhood that our parents force us to drink ‘yellow milk’ or ‘almond milk’ after dinner. Warm milk is believed to help us sleep better. Have you ever wondered why drinking milk like this makes you sleep well? In answer to the question of why, scientists say that a mixture of milk peptides called casein tryptic hydrolyzate (CTH) reduces stress and promotes better sleep. He is not everything. A report in the American Chemical Society‘s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry identified certain peptides in CTH.

According to a report in ANI, scientists have also discovered “several natural peptides or small fragments of proteins. They have the effect of increasing anxiety and sleep.” Researcher El Zheng and his colleague Mouming Zhao are working on it. CTH is believed to contain other (perhaps more potent) peptides that promote sleep.
The research was done on rats. This research found that CTH has the properties of promoting better sleep. When the stronger peptides were tested in rats, they increased the number of rats that fell asleep early by 25 percent. In addition, sleep duration increased by more than 400 percent compared to the control group.
However, the researchers suggest that in addition to this good peptide, other sleep-promoting factors should be explored in CTH.

Keeping this in mind, it feels good to add a glass of warm milk after dinner to relax our mind and body and get a deep sleep. But it is advised that whenever we want to make changes in our diet, then consult our home doctor.

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