Berlusconi starts the race for the presidency of the Republic and is shown getting vaccinated

WorldBerlusconi starts the race for the presidency of the...

  • Tycoon starts campaign of contacts before vacancy due in early February

  • The preferred current prime minister is Draghi, but his appointment would cause instability in the government.

Former President and Italian Businessman silvio berlusconi, The 85-year-old, today published a video on social networks in which he is seen vaccinated booster dose against the coronavirus, while the Italian press assures that he is preparing to present himself as a candidate The next president of the republic.

“Vaccine is the means we have to defeat COVID and limit its effects Health and economy. We have to avoid new mourning and closures. It’s up to you: the one who hasn’t been vaccinated, do it as soon as possible and whoever can do it to reserve third dose“Berlusconi wrote on the social network with a video in which he is seen how he is vaccinated and what does Victory sign.

For Berlusconi who contracted the virus in September 2020, it is almost second vaccination, Being infected, he needed only one dose for immunization.

Mattarella’s departure

While the three-time president of the Italian government was vaccinated, the media assured that he is preparing your career to try to become head of state, when a seven-year mandate in February sergio matarella,

“Mission and Acquisition Campaign Abroad: Berlusconi’s Strategy for Quirinal”, published today newspaper ‘La Stampa’, confirms that Finvest is looking for the owner of the company supports in europe And also in Parliament. Will travel to Berlusconi next week Strasbourg On 24 and 25 November will hold some meetings to appoint the European People’s Party (EPP) and organize one. low profile in media So that his image does not burn, says ‘La Stampa’.

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“Berlusconi’s presidential campaign is In full Swing, The newspaper ‘Corire della Sera’ writes, “including a brochure sent to Democratic Party lawmakers. The Milanese newspaper published that the deputy was found in his mailbox of the lower house”. berlusconi biography, With some of his interventions on the values ​​of Liberalism, Catholicism and Guarantism. “He says Berlusconi is calling in person Several lawmakers from the Democratic Party (PD) also to present their plan.

NS February 3 Mattarella’s term has come to an end, who has already reiterated that he is unwilling to run for a second term, so a period of uncertainty and political war, as everyone pointed to his successor mario dragio, The current Prime Minister A. precisely chosen to promote correction process So that the country can be rescued from the crisis caused by the pandemic.

Potential electoral edge

potential for power repeat command, as it happened Giorgio Napolitano In 2015 when he agreed to repeat a seven-year term at the time of the political blockade, or at least a few more years, it would have allowed Draghi to reach End of term in 2022 And finish the process of reforms involving the aid of the European Recovery Plan, and think about being able to choose a head of state later.

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But if Draghi is finally signaled to capture the Quirinal Palace, the headquarters of the HQ, it will inevitably lead to the summoning of early election. Therefore, there are currently no candidates able to agree for parliamentary forces, while Berlusconi cherishes his career dream.

In recent times, the name of the PD member and the current European Commissioner for the Economy has been suggested on the left, Paolo Gentiloni, While other names also circulate, such as Minister of Independent and Justice, Marta Cartabia.

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